Connected: BWG’s Quarterly Digital Publication

Connected is a new quarterly digital publication covering town-wide activities including project news and updates, ward updates, upcoming events and campaigns, and other seasonal stories.

Connected offers residents a unique and interactive in-depth look into happenings around town, with engaging content, graphics, videos, and more!

Winter 2024 Edition

This edition covers:

  • Ward Updates
  • Heritage Advisory Committee Update
  • Budget 2024 Highlights
  • Project Updates
  • Upcoming Events, and more! 

Before you dive into the publication, here are a few things to keep in mind to optimize your viewing experience:

Maintaining Interactivity

Connected was designed to be a digital publication. In order to maintain its interactive elements, like photo slideshows and videos, this publication is best viewed online.

Downloading a PDF Copy

You can download and print the pdf using the “Download PDF” icon on the ribbon at the bottom of the online viewer but it will lose some of its interactivity.

Online Viewers or Plug-ins

You do not need any additional viewers or plug-ins to view the online document but it is best viewed on a Google Chrome browser.

Accessible Formats

If you require the use of a screen reader or other accessibility aids, please download the accessible format of the latest publication HERE.



Fall 2023 Edition


Please note that many of the interactive elements (photo slideshows, videos, ads, etc.) are not integrated into the accessible version but the content remains the same.

The Town’s communications team is always looking for new ways to interact and share news with residents. If you have any questions about something you’ve read or have any ideas for future editions, please email us at

The next edition of Connected will be published in May 2024.


Fall 2023

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