Private Tree Protection

Help shape how we protect trees in BWG!

Bradford West Gwillimbury is a growing municipality, and as we increase in size, mature and significant trees are becoming more endangered. BWG feels it is important to keep as many trees as possible alive and healthy to improve our environment.

Trees are a valuable asset to our community in many ways. They reduce the effects of heat on homes and provide shade, they are a habitat for insects and wildlife, and create enjoyment and beauty.

Image of trees in forest making the shape of a heart

Trees absorb carbon dioxide through their leaves because they use it to grow.  Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas produced by burning fuel in engines and buildings. Carbon Dioxide and Methane gas go up into our atmosphere and trap heat that would otherwise dissipate out towards the sun. This is called the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ which is affecting our weather patterns, climate and environment in many ways.

Scientists believe that planting more trees and retaining as much of our tree canopy as we can, will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment.

About the Survey

The survey is a proactive step towards actively involving residents in shaping policies that address tree-related challenges. By seeking feedback on issues such as tree preservation, maintenance, and removal on private properties, the Town of BWG aims to develop a comprehensive By-law that reflects the community's values and priorities. The ultimate goal is to establish clear guidelines for tree protection, fostering a balance between urban development and environmental sustainability.

The survey is available now through 11:59 pm on Saturday, August 31, 2024

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Private Tree Protection Survey
Please complete the online survey to share your opinions on private trees in BWG. Your feedback will help shape how we protect trees on private properties in our community.

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