BWG's Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing standards relating to parking on public road allowances and as requested on private property. Enforcement of parking regulations supports improved road safety, traffic flow, accessibility, and assists the town in managing its road infrastructure for street cleaning, garbage removal, and snow clearing.​​​

For after-hours assistance, please contact South Simcoe Police at 905 775 3311.


Effective November 8, 2023, the Town is moving to the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) for the administration and adjudication of parking tickets. 
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General Parking Restrictions

The Traffic Regulation By-law 2014-71 establishes a number of parking regulations which may include:

 No person shall park any vehicle:
  • on or over any portion of a sidewalk;
  • on a grassed portion of any boulevard;
  • ​in front of an entrance on the highway to or from a private road, driveway or lane;
  • within an intersection or within 15 metres of an intersection;​
  • on a crosswalk or within 9 metres of a crosswalk;
  • within 9 metres of a stop sign unless otherwise posted;
  • within 15 metres of any bridge or the nearest rail of a rail crossing;
  • in such a manner as to obstruct traffic or in a position or place that prevents or is likely to prevent the removal of any other vehicle, parked or standing on the highway;
  • in such a manner as to obstruct or prevent the clearing or removal of snow from the highway;
  • within 1.5 metres of a fire hydrant or in a manner so as to prevent access to a fire hydrant in the case of an emergency;
  • on the inside radius where there is a 90 degree bend in the road, more or less, for a distance of 9 metres in each direction, measured from the point of intersection of the projected curb lines or edge of asphalt and along the curb line or edge of asphalt;
  • more than 15cm from a curb or in the middle of a court;
  • on municipal property except in a designated parking zone;
  • in a municipal parking lot in excess of 24 hours;
  • in any public park, trailway or open space areas that do not have designated parking areas;
  • in a designated disabled person parking space, unless a valid disabled person parking permit is displayed in accordance with Section 4.6 of this by-law;
  • where parking is permitted on the left and right hand side of a highway designated;
  • for two-way traffic, the vehicle shall be parked having regard for the direction such vehicle was proceeding;
  • on private property without authorization;
  • on municipal property without authorization;
  • on or over a curb within a driveway;
  • on a highway in front of an entrance to a trailway or walkway;
  • on or within 15 metres of a Traffic Calming Device;
  • in an unauthorized area (e.g. front yard, exterior side yard or interior side yard).
  • No person​ shall park or let stand a trailer that is not attached to a motor vehicle.
BWG traffic sign on the side of the road, illustrating maximum municipal speed, winter parking restrictions, load limits, and 24 hour parking restrictions.
24 Hour Parking

Did you know there is 24-hour maximum time limit for all vehicles parking on residential roads in BWG?

Photo of enforcement officer issuing a parking ticket
Parking Tickets

Did you receive a parking ticket in BWG? Learn more about paying for or disputing your parking infraction.

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One-sided Parking

Many streets have one-sided parking restrictions, limiting street parking during certain times of the month.

Up close photo of an accessible parking spot
Accessible Parking

​Regulations are in place to ensure that accessible parking spaces are available for those who need them.

Photo of office building exterior and parking lot
Private Lots

​Enf​orcement can issue parking tickets on private property with an approved Letter of Authorization.

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Winter Parking

​​It is strictly prohibited to park on any street between the hours of 2 and 6 am from December 1 and April 1.

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