Proclamations and Flag Raisings

Proclamations are ceremonial documents signed by the Mayor and issued to organizations located in or serving the population of Bradford West Gwillimbury.

Requests for proclamations and/or flag raisings should be sent to the Mayor's office using our online Proclamation Request Form.

At the discretion of the Mayor, proclamations may be issued for:
  • public awareness campaigns (generally for health and/or social issues)
  • arts and cultural celebrations
  • special honours
We are unable to issue proclamations for:
  • activities that fail to demonstrate respect and tolerance for all BWG residents
  • events or organizations with no direct impact or connection to the Town of BWG
  • campaigns or events contrary to Town policies or by-laws, or intended to influence government policy
  • campaigns intended for commercial marketing or profit-making purposes
When requesting a proclamation, please be aware of the following:
  • Requests should be made by recognized charitable organizations or community groups using our online Proclamation Request Form.
  • Proclamations will not be issued on behalf of commercial/for-profit entities.
  • Organizations may only request one proclamation per year.
  • Requests must be made on an annual basis, four to six weeks in advance of the commemoration/event.
  • Wording of proclamations is to be supplied by the requesting organization.
  • First-time requests should be accompanied by background information about the organization and the history of the commemoration/event.
  • Proclamations will be posted on the Town website and, if space permits, noted on the Town's page in the local newspaper.
  • An organization does not have exclusive rights to the day, week or month of their proclamation and/or flag raising. Multiple flag raisings may be held jointly. 
When requesting a flag raising, please be aware of the following:
  • Flag raisings must be held in conjunction with an approved proclamation, at the discretion of the Mayor.
  • Organizations must indicate a preferred and an alternate date and time for the flag raising. NOTE: Availability cannot be confirmed more than 4 months in advance.
  • An appropriate flag must be provided by the organization, and will not be stored by the Town after the flag-raising period.
  • One or more members of Town Council will attend the flag raising and the Mayor or designate will read the proclamation. 
  • If additional activities are planned (speeches, refreshments, etc.) an agenda must be provided at least two weeks in advance and the entire event may not exceed one hour. Council attendance of post-flag raising activities is dependent on individual schedules. 
Photo from Black History Month flag raising
Proclamation and Flag Raising Request

Complete our online for to request a Proclamation and/or Flag Raising ceremony.

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Recent and Upcoming Proclamations

Visit our news page to view all recent and upcoming proclamations.

Photo from Coldest Night of the Year Flag Raising
Recent and Upcoming Flag Raisings

Visit our community calendar to view upcoming flag raising ceremonies.

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