Marriage Licences

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Couples wishing to be married in Ontario must obtain their marriage licence from any municipal office that issues marriage licenses. Our Clerk's Office can assist with issuing your marriage license by appointment. 
Before Your Marriage - Planning Your Ceremony
A marriage licence allows you to be married in Ontario. It is your responsibility to hire an officiant and arrange the marriage ceremony of your choice. The Town of BWG does not perform marriage ceremonies.

A list of official wedding officiants is available at Service Ontario. An authorized official must marry you to ensure that your marriage is performed properly and legally.
 Before Your Marriage - Applying for a Marriage License
To apply for a marriage licence and obtain an appointment, click on the link to the online Marriage Licence Application Form. The online Marriage Licence Application Form must be completed and signed by both parties to the marriage. Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule an appointment to receive your licence. If not approved, you will receive an email requesting more information.
  • If both applicants are unavailable to attend the appointment to obtain a marriage licence, only one applicant is required, however they will be required to show 2 pieces of identification for themselves and 2 pieces of identification for their partner (original IDs, no photocopies or pictures).
  • The marriage licence fee is $140 (payable by cash, debit, Visa or MasterCard).
  • Licences must be obtained from the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury at 100 Dissette St. Units 7&8.
  • The appointment is to obtain your marriage licence only. You must arrange for a separate marriage ceremony to get married.
  • Marriage Licenses are only valid for 90 days from the time of issue; book your appointment accordingly

Online Marriage Licence Application


You must provide two pieces of government-issued identification for each person getting married. At least one piece of ID must include your photo. (Documents in a language other than English or French must be translated by a certified translator.)


Examples of government-issued identification are:

  • government-issued birth certificate, including any change of name certificates
  • valid passport
  • record of immigrant landing
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • valid driver’s licence
  • valid Ontario Photo Card
Applicants 16 or 17 years of age require parental consent. Contact our office for further details.
Canadian Divorce 
If a previous marriage was dissolved or annulled within Canada, the original or court certified copy of the Decree Absolute or Certificate of Divorce must be submitted. A divorce judgment is not acceptable. Certified copies may be obtained from the court which granted the divorce. Photocopies are not acceptable, and all documents will be returned.
Foreign Divorce 
If a divorce was granted outside of Canada, additional forms must be completed. Please visit the Ontario Government's "Getting Married" webpage for more information.
If you do not understand or read English, you must provide your own interpreter and they must provide identification.
 Getting Married
On your wedding day, you can expect your Marriage Officiant to:
  • perform your marriage ceremony
  • complete the marriage license with their information as well as the location and date that the ceremony took place
  • instruct you and your witness' to sign the marriage license
  • provide you with the Record of Solemnization of Marriage (the second page of the marriage license). 
    Please note: this is a record of your marriage but is not considered an official marriage certificate
  • send the completed marriage license to the Registrar General's office to have your marriage registered with the province of Ontario.
    Please note: the process of registering the marriage license can take 6-8 weeks  
 After Your Marriage - Obtaining Your Marriage Certificate
A marriage certificate is a legal document that provides proof of your marriage ceremony. a marriage certificate may be required for a number of reasons, for example, changing your name. Marriage certificates are issued by the Register General's office and can be ordered through Service Ontario.

How to Order a Marriage Certificate
Please wait 6-8 weeks after your marriage ceremony to apply for a marriage certificate; this will allow enough time for your marriage license to be registered with the province. There are two options for ordering a marriage certificate:
For more information regarding marriage certificates or to check your order status you may contact Service Ontario at 1-800-461-2156.
Changing Your Name After Marriage
After you are married, a spouse may consider changing their last name. There are three options to consider:

1. Assuming Your Spouse's Last Name
  • You may choose to "adopt" or "assume" your spouse's last name; this is where your name on identification would change but your birth certificate would remain unchanged.
  • To "assume" a name you will need to order a marriage certificate and take it with you to a Service Ontario location to have your identification updated.
2. Continue Using Your Last Name
  • You may choose to not change your last name and continue to using your current name; Ontario law does not require a spouse to change their last name upon marriage.
3. Legally Changing Your Last Name
  • You may choose to legally change your name; this would mean changing your birth name.
  • Please visit the Service Ontario website for more information regarding Adult Name Changes.

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