Council's Strategic Priorities

Council endorsed their Strategic Priorities Implementation Work Plan on April 4, 2023.

The plan sets out projects to address Council’s top priorities for their 2022 - 2026 term, including:

Community Safety and Traffic Congestion

Community Safety and Traffic Congestion will focus on reducing traffic on our local neighbourhood roads, improving intersections, reducing speeds within neighbourhoods, and increasing the availability and range of local healthcare services.

The key action items include:

  • Reviewing and updating the Active Transportation Master Plan
  • Enhancing infrastructure e.g. coordinated traffic lights, arterial road upgrades
  • Ensuring traffic safety and mitigation policies are in place for all of BWG
  • Enhancing health care in our community.

Infrastructure and Major Access Roads

Infrastructure and Major Access Roads will focus on reducing travel time for through traffic, and involving different jurisdictions in delivering capital improvements. 

The key action items include:

  • Upgrading key arterial roads
  • Developing an Infrastructure Master Plan
  • Repairing/resurfacing older roads
  • Developing a community-wide Transit Plan, including inter-regional transit needs.
Economic Development

Economic Development will focus on balancing the residential and industrial commercial tax base; creating more local jobs, and increasing the opportunities for more of our residents to live and work in BWG; and lowering our vacancy rates.

The key action items include:

  • Increasing employment opportunities from new business at Hwy 400 and industrial parks
  • Ensuring an appropriate range of housing is available to support employment growth
  • Refreshing the Economic Development Strategy.
Downtown and Urban Renewal

Downtown and Urban Renewal will focus on ensuring the Holland Street Transformation project is underway, starting the redevelopment of the Bradford Community Centre property, and maximizing the use of our municipal facilities and lands.

The key action items include:

  • Implementing the Community Centre Revitalization Master Plan
  • Undertaking the Holland Street Transformation project
  • Developing a stakeholder aspiration plan – “Preferred Downtown Shops & Services.”
Enhanced Recreation and Leisure Services/Facilities

Enhanced Recreation and Leisure Services and Facilities will focus on increasing the current number and range of recreation and leisure programs, and updating our park facilities.

The key action items include:

  • Enhancing the facilities at the Leisure Centre/Library campus
  • Redeveloping the Bradford Community Centre
  • Town-wide park improvements
  • Adopting the Leisure Services Master Plan Update.
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Strategic Priorities Implementation Work Plan

Review the full implementation work plan.

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