Community Support Program

The deadline for BWG's Community Grant Program Applications is October 1st annually​.


The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Co​mmunity Support Program is intended to provide limited assi​stance to not-for-profit community groups and organizations within the Town to assist with programs and events. This support is in recognition of the value of these groups to the wellbeing and growth of the community and in helping the Town retain a strong community focus.

For complete details of the Town of BWG's Community Support Program, ​​please review ​the Community Support Program and Policy. 

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Types of Support

The Community Support Program consists of the annual grantmaking program, as well as other types of support as listed below. All requests for support must be accompanied by a completed Community Support Application Form. Requests may be approved in full, denied, or approved for a lesser value than requested.

Community Grant Program
The Community Grant Program (CGP) is an annual application and disbursement program for grants of $400 to $3,000. The application deadline is October 1 of each year​, with grants disbursed in the subsequent calendar year. Organizations must reside within BWG and provide benefit to residents of the community.
Mayor's Discretionary Funding
The Mayor has the discretion to authorize donations less than $400 at any time during the calendar year from funds earmarked during the budgeting process. ​Eligible requests received by the Grants Committee that fall into this category will be forwarded to the Mayor for consideration.
In-Kind Contributions
Each Town department has the discretion to make in-kind donations from their own department's resources to a maximum value of $1,000 – including but not limited to the provision of goods or services as prizes and provision of services or use of Town assets for the benefit of the organization.
Objective-Based Funding
Requests for more than $3,000 in funding and/or for multi-year commitments may be considered by either the Mayor and Council or an individual Town department if such funding is in furtherance of an established strategy or objective. These funds must be allocated as part of the budgeting process, separately from the funding allocated for the CGP and Mayor's Discretionary Fund.​

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