GIS Maps

BWG's Information Technology team offers Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services, maps and applications. Staff and the general public can access and explore geographical information using our online interactive maps as seen below.

How to use the map:

  • To turn the map layers on/off, click on the Map Layers icon at the top right corner of the interactive map. A window will pop-up!
  • Once the Maps Layers window appears, click the Eye icon next to the layer to make it visible or hide it. The 3 dots next to the layer will open a separate menu with other layer options including zoom, opacity, and layer details.
  • Click on the Legend icon to reveal a list of the different symbols used on the map.
  • To search addresses, change the basemap view, or measure distances, use the Search, Basemap, and Measure icons located on the top left of the map (under the BWG logo).
  • If multiple layers are selected, once you click on an area of the map, a window will appear showing the layer details. Toggle between the layer info but using the next and previous arrows on the top right of the pop-up window.
  • Click here to view the interactive map on smaller screens like phones, tablets, and small laptops.

Street and Community Guide

Downloadable maps for the general public are available below. Maps are updated biannually and are converted into pdf's for ease of viewing and printing. To view, print or download an individual map, please click on the corresponding alphanumeric character on the map below.

BWG Veterans Street Map
Veterans History and Street Map
This interactive map is designed to provide visitors a tour of all BWG streets named after Veterans.
BWG's Parks and Trails
Parks, Trails and Points of Interest
This interactive map provides information on the many parks, trails and points of interest BWG has to offer.

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