Sewer Dye Testing

Dye testing is used by the Town to track the flow of wastewater (the water that goes down your drains and toilets) into our sew​er system. We track where the wastewater goes to ensure our infrastructure is in good working condition. 

​Dye testing in residential areas is generally completed by our Wastewater Division staff via door-to-door visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure the person at my door is a Town representative?
All Town employees carry a Municipal Photo ID card with their photo on it.
Do I need to be home for the test?
The test requires our staff to have access to your home, so it is appreciated if someone can be home during the testing window. If you are unable to be home during this period you will be contacted to arrange an appointment.

What will they be doing while in my house?

The dye is placed in one of your toilets and flushed. If you see residual dye in the bowl later on, simply flush it away. It is safe to use your toilet even if colour remains. If coloured water appears on your floor or elsewhere in your home, you likely have a leaky toilet and should have it checked immediately.​
Is the dye safe?
 Sewer dyes are specifically designed for this purpose, and are non-toxic and biodegradable. They are brilliantly coloured to allow tracking, but not harmful to people, animals or the environment.

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