Effective November 8, 2023, the Town is moving to the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS). Replacing the current court system process, AMPS allows the Town to conduct their own administrative and adjudication process for Penalty Notices (formerly known as Parking Tickets). 
Please Note: parking tickets issued before November 8, 2023, will not be transferred to AMPS and will continue under the current court system. Please refer to the back of the ticket for information on how to pay or respond. 

What is AMPS?

AMPS is an enhanced system which allows the Town to administer and deal with Penalty Notices in a timely manner by assigning internal Screening and Hearing Officers to assist notice holders in a fair and efficient dispute resolution process, as compared to the traditional provincial court system.

Benefits of AMPS

Under the previous system, tickets were disputed in the Ontario Court of Justice and municipalities had limited flexible alternatives they could provide to settle disputes.

AMPS moves disputes out of the court system and provides municipalities the discretion to resolve tickets during an internal Screening Review. If a notice holder disagrees with the decision of the Screening Officer, they can request a Hearing Review before a Hearing Officer. 

The new system is more efficient, more user friendly, and less intimidating, while maintaining the fundamental principles of justice and due process. Under this new process, most ticket escalations can be resolved within 90 days – much faster than the previous, court-based system.

Screenshot of flowchart illustrating the Penalty Notice process
Penalty Notice Process
View our Penalty Notice flowchart to learn about the overall process for paying or disputing your ticket.
Person making a payment at a customer service counter
Pay or Dispute Parking Tickets
Learn more about your options when it comes to paying for or disputing your Penalty Notice.

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