Changing Your Address

Buying or Selling a Property in BWG?

Here is what you need to know.

If you need to change the ownership of a property, your lawyer will typically send the required documentation to the Town of BWG to change the ownership of a property after the date of the closing has occurred. If your lawyer does not send us the information, you can provide us with the official transfer deed from the Land Registry Office.

If your mailing address is different than the property location be sure to fill out and submit a New/Change/Cancel Account Form​ to ensure no bills are missed.​

​When ownership of a property changes, a $30 administration fee is added to the property tax account of the new owner.​​

If you are selling a property, confirm with your lawyer if you are responsible for additional tax payments. If you are enrolled in a pre-authorized property tax payment plan, you must cancel the plan. 

Our online Pre-Authorized Debit Form can be found on the right. Once you have successfully submitted the form an email confirmation will be sent to you. 

You must also cancel your water/wastewater utility account with the Town to ensure you receive your final water bill to your new mailing address. You can make this change by using our digital New/Change/Cancel Account Form.​

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New/Change/Cancel Account and Pre-Authorized Debit Form

Only a property owner is allowed to change the mailing address on an account. Complete our online New/Change/Cancel Account or Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Form. Once you have successfully submitted the form an email confirmation will be sent to you. 

IMP​ORTANT: Canceling you​r water/wastewater account does not automatically cancel any pre-authorized programs for water or property taxes. This must be done using the two separate forms. 

TIP: If you bank online or by telephone, ensure that you remove the roll number of the sold property as a payee so you don't accidentally make a payment to it. If you do make a payment in error, there will be an administration fee to correct it (in accordance with the Town's Fees and Charges by-law).

New Build Homes

When purchasing a brand new home, the property may not be fully assessed. If this is the case, an additional bill will be issued once MPAC has assessed the property. This bill is called a supplemental bill and it will be effective as of the date of occupancy of the home. Supplemental bills can go back as far as current year plus two previous years; therefore, you may receive multiple bills at one time, each related to a specific tax year.

If you receive a supplemental bill but you purchased the new home from an individual, not directly from the builder, you can bring those bills to your lawyer for review.​​

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