Water Distribution System Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a proactive approach to maintaining the water distribution system. Preventative maintenance often addresses issues before they cause a major problem or breakdown and can result in cost savings. BWG makes use of GIS technology to track progress and reported problems. Below are some of the key programs BWG undertakes.

Watermain Flushing​​

Every spring and fall, the Town of BWG conducts watermain flushing, which is when we run water at every hydrant to ensure a clean and fresh water supply. This exercise may cause discoloured water in residential water pipes across BWG. if this happens to you, run the tap in your bathtub for a few minutes. Visit out news page for notices on current flushing operations.

Watermain Swabbing

BWG conducts a watermain swabbing program each year as a means to clean the watermains.

Swabbing is when large foam swabs are pushed into a hydrant, and water pressure sends them down the watermain through a second hydrant. This process is considered an effective way of improving water quality and increasing the reliability of the water distribution system. Because of the pressure caused, we hand-deliver notices to residents in affected areas asking you not to use your plumbing or water softener during the affected periods.

Hydrant Maintenance

Fire hydrant maintenance is conducted year round to ensure they are operable during fire emergencies.

Exercising Valves

Valves are installed throughout the water distribution system and are exercised to ensure they can be utilized during emergency shutdowns.​

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