Rural Mailboxes and Damage Claims

Rural Mailboxes

Canada Post delivers mail to its rural customers through the use of mailboxes erected on the shoulder of rural roadways. General standards for the construction and installation of rural mailboxes are established by Canada Post and are available at your local Post Office, by calling Canada Post Customer Service at 1-800-267-1​177 or by visiting​.

The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury has jurisdiction over local roadways, and may make and enforce policies regarding the placement, construction and maintenance of rural mailboxes placed within Town road allowances. ​Rural mailboxes that are not properly located, constructed or maintained may be damaged by normal road maintenance operations and can pose an increased safety risk to vehicular traffic.

Mailbox Location and Installation

The Town requires that rural mailboxes be installed in accordance with Canada Post's Rural Mailbox Guidelines:

  • Mailboxes shall be located along the right-hand side of the road in the direction that the delivery agent travels, in a manner that allows the delivery agent to safely deliver the mail through the passenger window without leaving the vehicle;
  • Wooden posts shall not be larger than 6 inches and steel posts not larger than 2 inches in diameter;
  • The bottom of the mailbox shall be installed 42 to 45 inches above the ground surface;
  • Mailboxes should never be located in driveways or laneways.

Road Maintenance and Mailbox Damage

Rural mailboxes should be constructed and maintained in such a manner as to withstand normal snowplowing operations. The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is not responsible for damage to mailboxes that are improperly installed or maintained.

It is the responsibility of the owner to repair/replace a mailbox that has been damaged by snow or ice being cleared by a snowplow. In accordance with Canada Post Guidelines:

Rural mailbox owners are responsible for all costs associated with placing, relocating and for ongoing maintenance of their mailbox and the surrounding terrain. Replacing or reinstalling a mailbox that becomes damaged or knocked down is also the responsibility of the owner.

The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury will not replace mailboxes damaged by snow and ice.

Should a mailbox or post be damaged as a result of physical contact with the snow plow, the Town will assess the damage and, if appropriate, will repair or replace the mailbox accordingly.​

To report damage to your mailbox caused by physical contact with a snow plow, please contact the Transportation Division.

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