Caring for Newly Planted Trees

Newly planted trees need a lot of water in their first year to grow and become established. ​Lack of water is the number one reason new trees die.

If a new tree has been planted on the Town boulevard in front of your property, we kindly ask for your help to keep it healthy. We welcome watering assistance from residents for Town trees on public property.​

Ways to Water

  1. Water slowly and often, with a deep soaking. Put the hose on a trickle or low water flow, and place the hose inside the tree saucer about 6 inches to 1 foot from the stem. Leave it there for an hour. Or pour 5 buckets of water slowly on the tree saucer. Do this twice a week until the first frost. In hot dry weather, this may need to be done every day.
  2. ​Depending on the time of year, you may notice a green plastic bag around the trunk, such as in the image at right​. This bag stores water and allows it to trickle slowly down to the roots. If this bag is empty, please add water to fill it.
A green plastic bag that stores water around the trunk of a tree

Watering Tips

  • It's okay for soil to be dry as deep as 10 cm (four inches) below ground; if it is dry below that, then it needs watering.
  • If the edges of the leaves start to turn brown and crisp, the tree needs more water.
  • Roots can be dry after a light rain.
  • Water the trees through the fall until the leaves drop.
  • Water in the evening so it soaks in instead of evaporating.​

Did You Know?

  • Regular watering allows the roots to grow and the tree to establish.
  • Urban areas such as boulevards are a challenging place for trees to grow – that’s why they need help getting established.
  • New trees require a long, slow soak to ensure that water penetrates the soil to the roots.
  • During periods of long drought, older trees may need watering too. They can be watered every one to two weeks using the hose or bucket.
  • A tree doesn’t reach its most productive stage of carbon storage for about 10 years, and many trees don’t live that long. Together we can help trees live longer!​

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