BWG Transit provides a conventional bus service with accessible features to ensure all riders have fair and safe access to our service.

Every BWG Transit bus includes the following accessibility features:

  • ramps with audible and visual warning indicators
  • forward-facing wheelchair/mobility aid spaces (two on each bus)
  • easily reachable stop request buttons in the Priority Seating area
  • highly visible electronic route information on the front and back of the bus
  • space to safely stow mobility aid devices

​BWG Transit buses include both a Priority Seating area for people with disabilities and a Courtesy Seating area for passengers who may benefit from a seat but do not have a disability, such as support persons , expectant mothers, or people with small children in strollers.

Support Person Program

If you require a support person to accompany you on BWG Transit, complete a Support Person Pass application. Support Persons travel for free to assist you throughout your journey.

Support Person Pass Application 

The document is a fillable PDF, so you can print the document and then write in your information, or fill it out online and then either print it or select the e-mail option in your browser window. The address and e-mail to return it to are included on the form.

Provide Your Feedback

If you have feedback - either positive or negative - regarding the accessibility of our BWG Transit system, please let us know.

Complete the Feedback Form​​

CNIB ID Card Holders

Registered CNIB customers can use their CNIB one-piece photo ID card as a full-fare transit pass on all routes.​

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