Fire Inspections

Fire Inspectors perform inspections based on request, complaint, safety concern and routine basis. Our Fire Prevention Division is mandated to respond to complaint and request inspections related to fire safety concerns by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997. (FPPA).

The goal of a fire inspection is to ensure that a property is in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and other applicable legislation in order to provide a safe environment for the occupants of that building. Fire Inspectors will work to educate owners and those responsible for the building of any issues, concerns and things that need to be addressed.

Types of Inspections


A request for an inspection can be made by any member of the community that is aware and concerned over a fire safety matter. 


Vulnerable Occupancies (nursing homes, retirement homes and group homes) are required to initiate routine annual inspections with the Fire Department. These routine inspections are a requirement of the Ontario Fire Code. 


A request for an inspection can be made by any member of the community. 

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's)

ADU's may be permitted in the Town of BWG, subject to zoning requirements and restrictions, and having obtained a building permit. The Fire Department only inspects residential units that were constructed and in existence before July 14, 1994. All other units constructed under permit will be inspected by the Building Department. 


Requirements of both the Fire and Building Departments will have to be met prior to receiving Occupancy, as granted by the Town's Building Inspectors. Fire safety requirements inspected by the Fire Department include, but are not limited to, fire extinguishers, fire alarm and sprinkler systems components/verification. 

Business Licensing and Permits

Requests for fire inspections required as part of obtaining a business license (i.e. AGCO license).


Fire department inspection fees are applicable to most inspections. Please refer to the Town of BWG's Fees and Charges By-law for applicable fees.

Request an Inspection

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