Accredited Superior Tanker Shuttle Service

Bradford Fire and Emergency Services is accredited through the Fire Underwriters Survey Rating for the delivery of Superior Tanker Shuttle Service (STSS). This accreditation recognizes the department’s ability to efficiently fight fires in rural areas that are not serviced by municipal hydrants. To be registered as an accredited SSTS, the department must demonstrate the ability to meet or exceed several requirements including the following:

  • A well-designed water delivery system through which the department can efficiently shuttle water from approved water sources to a fire scene.
  • The capacity to consistently deliver a steady stream of 1,000 litres of water via a pumper engine over a two-hour period.

Additional information on these and other requirements can be found on the Fire Underwriters Survey website.

What Does This Mean for Residents?

  • Rural properties within 8 km of the fire station and 5 km from an approved water supply source may be eligible for discounted fire insurance rates.
  • Commercial business owners within 5 km of the fire station AND 2.5 km from and approved water supply source may also be eligible for reduced fire insurance rates.

Proof of Accreditation 

Present a copy of the documents below to your insurance provider for their review in determining if your property qualifies for reduced insurance rates. 


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