Candidate and Registered Third-Party Financial Statements

The Municipal Elections Act, 1996 requires that the clerk must make available to the public a report indicating whether each candidate has complied with section 88.25; this section requires that a candidate shall file with the clerk with whom the nomination was filed a financial statement and auditor’s report, each in the prescribed form, reflecting the candidate’s election campaign finances.
Under section 88.29, the clerk shall make available to the public a report indicating whether each registered third party has filed a financial statement and auditor's report. 

2022 Financial Statements

Financial statements for elections to Offices for the current term of Council are currently being received until March 31, 2022. Financial Statements of each candidate will be added to this page as they become available.
Please note that documents are in a non-accessible PDF format - ​please contact us if you require another format.
Deputy Mayor
Ward 1 Councillor
Ward 2 Councillor
Ward 3 Councillor
Ward 4 Councillor
Ward 5 Councillor
Ward 6 Councillor
Ward 7 Councillor
English Public School Board Trustee
English Catholic School Board Trustee
French Public School Board Trustee
French Catholic School Board Trustee
Registered Third Party Advertisers
  • SH & MK Management Inc. *in default

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