Swimming Lessons

Lifesaving Society Learn to Swim Program Structure

(4-36 months) 

Parent & Tot 1
Parent & Tot 2
Parent & Tot 3
(3-6 years)
Preschool 1
Preschool 2
Preschool 3
Preschool 4
Preschool 5
School Age
(5-12 years)
Swimmer 1
Swimmer 2
Swimmer 3
Swimmer 4
Swimmer 5
Swimmer 6
Advanced Levels
(8-14 years)
Swimmer 7 - Rookie Patrol
Swimmer 8 - Ranger Patrol
Swimmer 9 - Star Patrol
Swimmer 10 - Fitness Swimmer
Bronze Star
(10-13 years) 
Leadership Courses 
(12-17 years)
Teen 1  
Teen 2
Teen 3
(18+ years)
Adult 1  
Adult 2  
Adult 3

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What do you do when your child turns six?

Regardless of which Preschool level your child completes, once a child turns 6 years old, they will start Swimmer levels. 
Preschool 1-4 = Swimmer 1, Preschool 5 = Swimmer 2

What to Expect from Swimming Lessons

Our swim instructors focus on creating a fun and enjoyable swimming experience for their students. We follow standards set by the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life program and ensure children learn using progressions according to typical child development. We want your child to feel comfortable and be safe around the water. Learning swimming techniques can take many years and 10,000 hours is required in any activity to become an “expert.” Please ensure that you have realistic expectations and avoid placing pressure on your child to complete a level. Allow them to complete skills at their own rate and help us to develop their love for swimming!

First Day

First Day: Please inform the Instructor if your child is repeating the level. If available, let the Instructor know your SwimGen Participant number so that the Instructor may look up the previous report card.

Parent's Day

Parents are invited on to the pool deck in the last 10 minutes of their child’s lesson. 5 minutes will be dedicated to taking pictures of your child’s swimming progress and 5 minutes will be dedicated for the Instructor to provide feedback about your child’s swimming progress. Speaking with your child’s Instructor mid-way through the session is a great way to find out what your child is doing well and what they still need to improve upon to meet the level criteria. We suggest that all participants, regardless of their abilities or feedback, come out regularly to our Leisure Swims to practice their skills.
We know how important pictures and videos are to create memories and record of your little swimmer’s amazing progress. Taking a picture of your child in the water is only permitted on this designated day during the last 10 minutes of the swim lesson. While we do ask that parent’s only take pictures of their child in the water, we do understand that sometimes it is unavoidable. If you are not comfortable with your child appearing in any photographs for religious or privacy purposes, please reach out to the Aquatics team and we will ensure that your child is removed from class during this time.

Meeting Spot & Lessons Viewing 

Classes will meet in the same location each week. Please wait with young children at the designated meeting area. Signs are posted around the pool to indicate where instructors will meet their children. Parents are required to wait at the designated meeting area with children under the age of 7.

We ask that all parents watch their child’s lessons from the viewing area. Watching lessons from the pool deck causes your child to become distracted during their lesson. Please do not leave the facility while the lesson is in progress.

Report Cards
Swimming lessons follow progressive evaluations and recognize that everyone learns at a different rate. Please realize that your child may need to repeat a level to ensure that they have mastered all of the required skills. This will make your child a stronger, more competent swimmer. Students are continuously evaluated and will receive individual feedback on the last day of their lesson. Report cards will be available online. Instructions for accessing your on-line report card will be emailed to you on the last day of lessons.
Health & Safety 
  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted on the pool deck or in the shower areas of the changerooms. Please remove your shoes or wear clean sandals or flip flops with traction.
  • All swimmers are required to take a cleansing shower using soap and warm water before entering the pool deck.
  • Pool fouling will result in pool closure. Please ensure that your child uses the restroom before class. We ask the students not to eat less than 30 minutes prior to their class. If your child is sick, we ask that they do not attend their class.
Missed Classes
Make-up classes and refunds are not available to students who miss their class. 

Instructor Requests: We will do our best to accommodate instructor requests, but we cannot guarantee that requests will be granted. Please contact the Aquatic Programmer to make instructor requests once you have registered for a spot.

Replacement Instructors: We provide quality instruction in all of our programs and understand that Instructor consistency is key in developing trust. All our Instructors are fully certified and will periodically replace another Instructor. Each child’s swimming abilities are communicated to the replacement Instructor to ensure quality and consistency.

Swimming Lesson Schedules and Cancellations
Every effort is made to keep lessons scheduled as advertised. However, due to registration numbers and waitlists, we may have to cancel and/or combine some classes. Staff will make every effort to notify in advance if swimming lessons are cancelled. Please ensure your email and phone number are up to date on the registration system. Occasionally, cancellations may happen on short notice due to unexpected situations such as pool fouling, facility cancellations, power failure, or mechanical difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Weather cancellations will be announced on social media. You can follow BWG Leisure Services on the website bwgleisurecentre.ca or on Facebook bwgleisurecentre or Twitter BwgLeisure and Instagram bwgleisurecentre/ for cancellation announcements.
Change Room Guidelines
For the comfort of all patrons, children 7 years of age and older must use the appropriate change room of the gender with which they identify. If this is not suitable, a co-ed change room is available. Nudity is not permitted in the common areas of the co-ed change room. Cubicles are for changing purposes only. Do not leave your belongings in the change stalls. Please use the lockers provided and lock all items at all times.
Questions, Comments or Concerns During Lessons
There is a designated Supervisor on deck who is available to answer questions or concerns. They are lesson experts and can solve most problems quickly. Do not hesitate to speak to one of these talented staff members at any time during your lessons. Please do not wait until the last class.


5 Steps to Successful Swimming Lessons 
 Participate in a Parent and Tot or Leisure Swim before the first lesson. Orient your child to the change room, washrooms and pool. Everyone likes to know what to expect. Have fun in the water and practice skills that your child already knows.
 Swimming is like any other skill; it requires lots of patience, practice and positive feedback. Children need to progress at their own rate. Talk with your child about appropriate lessons and have realistic expectations. Look at swim lessons as a long-term progression, a time for enjoyment in a special environment!
 Speak to your child’s instructor. Ask about progress and any areas that you could work on with your child during Parent and Tot or Leisure swims.
 Look for the Deck Supervisor to help direct you to where you should be. They provide a link between you and the Instructor. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask the Deck Supervisor, they will be happy to assist you with your swimming needs.
 Please check your registration receipt carefully for lesson dates, times and cancellations due to holidays and special events.


Aquatic Program Dates: Winter 2024
DayStart DateEnd Date# of ClassesOmit Dates
Monday January 8 March 4 8 February 19
Tuesday January 9 March 5 9  
Wednesday January 10 March 6 9  
Thursday January 11 March 7 9  
Friday January 12 March 8 9  
Saturday January 13 March 2 8  
Sunday January 14 March 3 8  
Aquatic Program Dates: Spring 2024
DayStart DateEnd Date# of ClassesOmit Dates
Saturday April 6 June 8  9 May 18
Sunday  April 7  June 9  May 19 
Monday   April 8  June 10  May 20 
Tuesday  April 9  June 4   
Wednesday  April 10  June 5   
Thursday  April 11  June 6   
Friday  April 12  June 7   
Swimming Lesson Fees
 7 Lessons8 Lessons9 Lessons
Group: 30 min  $67.48 $77.12  $86.76 
Group: 45 min $70.69  $80.78  $90.88 
Group: 1 hour $86.73  $99.12  $111.51 
Adapted Lessons $67.48  $77.12  $86.76 
Private (1:1) $189.35  $216.40  $243.45 
Semi-Private (1:2) $146.30  $167.20  $188.10 

Address: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, 100 Dissette St., Unit 7&8, Bradford, ON, L3Z 2A7

Phone: 905-775-5366, Send an Email

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