Birthday Parties

The following Town facilities are available to rent for your next birthday or celebration:

BWG Leisure Centre: Multipurpose Room - Full
140 person capacity, air conditioning, kitchen, AED in facility, wheelchair accessible, accessible to transit
Address: 471 West Park Avenue
BWG Leisure Centre: Multipurpose Room - East or West
75 person capacity, air conditioning, kitchen, AED in facility, wheelchair accessible, accessible to transit
Address: 471 West Park Avenue
BWG Leisure Centre: Activity Room
30 person capacity, air conditioning, AED in facility, wheelchair accessible, accessible to transit
Address: 471 West Park Avenue
Bradford & District Memorial Community Centre: Don Harrison Auditorium
150 person capacity, air conditioning, kitchen, L.L.B.O., AED in facility, wheelchair accessible, accessible to transit
Address: 125 Simcoe Road
Bradford & District Memorial Community Centre: Arena Floor
Can also be used for indoor sports.
1,000 person capacity,  L.L.B.O., AED in facility, wheelchair accessible, accessible to transit 
Address: 125 Simcoe Road
Bond Head Memorial Community Centre: Upstairs & Downstairs
135 person capacity, kitchen, L.L.B.O., AED in facility, stage
Address: 2892 County Road 27

kids in gymnasium

kid swimming in PFD

kids skating

Birthday Packages

In addition to Town celebration spaces, the BWG Leisure Centre offers several birthday packages which include room and activity rentals! For more information on our birthday packages, please contact the BWG Leisure Centre at 905 775 7529 ext. 6007.

Skating Birthday Parties
Private Skating Party – $250 + HST
  • 50 mins on the Rink & 1 hour in the Party Room
  • Private use of Ice Rink
  • Party time will be based on ice and room availability

Open to all ages, Parental supervision and helmet are required

Gymnasium Birthday Parties
Kinder Play Party – $195 +HST, Age: up to 5 years
  • 1 hour in the Gymnasium & 1 hour in the Party Room             
  • Mats for rolling and jumping, mini trampoline, tunnels,
    balls, hoops and more
  • A gym attendant will be on hand to ensure proper use of the equipment and assist you with your party
Sports Party – $195 +HST, Age: 5-12 years
  • 1 hour in the Gymnasium & 1 hour in the Party Room
  • A gym Attendant will be on hand to ensure proper use of the equipment and assist you with your party
  • Select from a range of activities such as volleyball, badminton,
    dodgeball, floor hockey or basketball

Parental supervision and indoor shoes required.
Availability: Gymnasium parties are offered on Saturdays only from 3:00-4:00pm

Swimming Birthday Parties

A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for any Swimming Birthday Parties. 

Package #1 – $280.00 +HST (and insurance premiums), all ages, see special notes below

  • 1 hour of the pool
  • 1 hour of the party room
  • Pool includes: Leisure Pool, Relax Pool and Water slide

Maximum of 30 participants
Package #2 – $396.00 +HST (and insurance premiums), all ages, see special notes below

  • 1 hour of the pool
  • 1 hour of the party Room
  • Pool Includes: Leisure Pool, Relax Pool, Water slide and 4 lanes of the lap pool

Maximum of 30 participants


Special Notes
Parental supervision ratio required for all packages.
Waterslide: All riders must be 48 inches in height and complete the facility swim test in order to ride the slide – PFD's are not permitted on the slide.
Anyone on the pool deck must be in bathing attire and will be counted in your numbers – no shoes on the pool deck.

Pool Parties are available on Saturdays only (as space permits)
Pool Time: 
Room Time: 4:00-6:15pm
Age: all ages

Ready to Book?

For parties before September 1, 2024, complete our online Birthday Party Request Form to begin your booking process. 

From September 1, 2024 onward, all birthday party package bookings will be completed through the Town's registration software. Parties will be available to view on August 6, 2024 and available for booking as of 10:00am on August 21, 2024 (residents) and August 23, 2024 (non-residents). Thank you for your patience through this transition. 

Complete our online Birthday Party Request Form to begin your booking process.

Complete the Form

The renter is responsible for supplying food, accessories and party favours. Additional time or space requirements must be booked in advance and will be charged accordingly. Event Insurance will be applied to all birthday party packages based on the number of participants participating.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that cancellation must be in writing and received by the Leisure Centre staff 7 days or more prior to booking date. You will be refunded minus a $25.00 Administration Fee. No refunds if cancellation is less than 7 days prior to booking date.

Free Resources

Feel free to use our complimentary Birthday Party invitations. 

Birthday Booking - FAQs

 Party room questions:

Do we have access to a kitchen?

Both Multi-Purpose Rooms have a kitchenette with a commercial-sized refrigerator, microwave, oven, sink and counter space. The Activity Room has a microwave and mini fridge. Please note: none of our party rooms have a freezer.

How early can we come to set up?

You can come set up 15 minutes before your party. Any additional time will incur an additional charge.

Are there plates and cutlery to use?

You are responsible for all plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, and décor. The only thing supplied for you is tables, chairs and garbage cans.

Do we have to clean up when we are done?

We ask that you put all the garbage in the bins provided, take any belongings home, and keep the room tidy. Anything left in the party room/kitchen will be thrown out by staff.

How many tables and chairs are there going to be?

Tables and chairs are set up based on the amount of guests you listed on your request form. An additional table or two can be provided based on size of your party for food/gifts. If you have a specific set-up in mind, please let the staff know.

When do I have to confirm my final numbers for my booking?

Please let staff know your final numbers 1 week prior to your booking.

Are we allowed to decorate?

Yes. You are welcome to decorate the room however you’d like. Items can only be secured to the wall using painter’s tape to avoid damage to walls and windows. Glitter and confetti are not permitted.

Are there carts available to bring our party supplies to the room?

Yes, the front desk has trolleys that are available for your party to use to transport items for your party to your room. Please return carts to the front desk once you’ve brought everything to your room, as there may be other bookings that require them as well. The elevator is also available to transport items

Can we bring our own entertainer?

You are welcome to book an entertainer for your party. Magicians, face painters, balloon twisters, and dress-up characters are all permitted. Live animals are not permitted.

 Gymnasium questions:

Do the guests need to wear shoes?

Clean indoor shoes are required for all participants in the gymnasium.

What kind of games are available?

When you book a Sports Party, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, badminton, pickleball, and dodgeball are available. For Kinder Play parties, the gymnasium is set up with toys for ages 0-5. Mats, blocks, riding cars, mini basketball/soccer, hula hoops and more are set up around the gym.

Are we allowed to rent a bounce castle?

No, inflatables are not permitted.

Are parents allowed to participate in the gym time?

Parents are welcome to participate with the children.

What if I have some older children at the kinder play party?

Older children are welcome to play with the younger children in the kinder play parties. You also have the option of dividing the gym, so half the gym is kinder play and the other half is set up with the sport of your choice. This is a great option for parties with a wide range of ages.

Is there a staff there to run games for the party?

Staff are available to set up and provide assistance, however they are not available to participate in or run games.

 Skate questions:

Do the children have to wear helmets?

Helmets are strongly recommended for all participants on the ice, however they are not mandatory. Please note: hockey is not permitted when skate aids on the ice.

Are skate aids available?

We do have skate aids available. Please check with the booking staff to see if they are available during your ice time.

Do adults have to be on the ice with children?

Children 5 and under must be accompanied by someone 16 or older on the ice. Children 6 and above do not need someone on the ice with them, but they do need an adult in the arena area monitoring them.

Can we play hockey?

Yes, please indicate to the booking staff that you wish to play hockey so we can supply the nets for you. You are responsible for bringing pucks, sticks and equipment. All participants must be wearing a helmet and gloves, full hockey gear is strongly recommended. Please note: skate aids are not permitted when playing hockey.

Will we get a change room?

Yes, you will get one or two change rooms depending on the size of your party.

 Pool questions:

Do adults have to go in the water with the children?

Please review the admission policy on our website for the ratios and guidelines for the pool.

Children 5 and under and children under 10 who cannot pass the swim test must be accompanied in the water and directly supervised by someone at least 16 years of age.

Children over 6 who pass the swim test can swim alone, however swimming with a buddy is highly recommended. At least one adult must be in the pool area during the rental.

Will there be other people in the pool at our party time?

If you have booked a pool party, you will have the pool to yourselves for the duration of your swim time. However, the lap pool may be shared with Aquatic Leadership courses.

Are we able to bring our own water toys/floatation devices?

The pool staff will set out toys and flotation devices for you. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own toys/floatation devices. Inflatable floatation devices (including water wings) are not permitted in the pool area.

Are there lifeguards?

Yes, there will be lifeguards working during your party.

Can we use the slide?

The slide is available to use for your party. Children must be 48 inches tall and complete the facility swim test to use the slide.

How do we complete the swim test?

Lifeguards will conduct swim tests during the first 10 minutes of the rental. Children who have already passed the facility swim test can provide their name to the lifeguards for verification. 

Address: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, 100 Dissette St., Unit 7&8, Bradford, ON, L3Z 2A7

Phone: 905-775-5366, Send an Email

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