Personal Training

In addition to offering affordable and competitive pricing to suit every budget, all of our Personal Trainers are certified to provide you with the best service and results!

Personal Training Fees  
Personal TrainingBuddy Training

$210.12 for 4 sessions

$159.69 for 4 sessions

$390.82 for 8 sessions

$294.17 for 8 sessions

$529.50 for 12 sessions

$378.22 for 12 sessions

$907.72 for 24 sessions

$554.72 for 24 sessions

Prices based on 1 hour sessions. HST is charged at the point of sale. Personal Training fees apply to members only. Non-member fees are available upon request. Fees are due prior to first session. Buddy Training Packages are per person. 

Ready to Book?

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Customer Service Desk in person to complete the Personal Training Request forms and purchase Personal Training sessions. 
  2. BWG Personal Trainer will be in contact with you to set up an initial session.

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personal trainer with client in strength room

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Meet our Trainers


My Personal Training Philosophy:

“My main goal as a personal trainer is to make your workout challenging but fun. If you like what you're doing then it's easier to make the commitment! My speciality is HIIT training, combining strength and cardio. This is my preferred way of training, especially if you're short on time it makes every second count!”


My Personal Training Philosophy:

“Depending on your goals, there is a way to get there and a way that you will enjoy!”


My Personal Training Philosophy:

"My philosophy has changed throughout the years as I’ve become more educated and knowledgeable. I believe in taking a complete look at all fitness and nutrition components in helping my clients achieve their goals. My specialties include mixing metabolic conditioning with functional movements so clients can get a complete full body workout and training routine that helps them achieve all their fitness goals.”


My Personal Training Philosophy:

"It’s been said to “take care of your body, there’s no spare in the trunk”. Exercise and healthy eating can be challenging, however, they can also result in fun experiences. We, as trainers, must motivate others to stay active. Make fitness your friend! Remember, it’s not the falling down, but, the climbing back up!"


My Personal Training Philosophy:

"Fitness is not only about the visual benefits that you and others will see from it. It helps develop discipline, confidence, and a deeper sense of respect for your body. These are values that affect all aspects of your life in a positive way."


My Personal Training Philosophy:

"I believe that fitness and exercise should not be viewed as a chore but rather a privilege. Training should be enjoyed and made to feel like a fun way to challenge yourself. My hope for all those that I work with is to help you discover the fun in training and physical fitness!”

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