Aquatic Leadership

aquatic leadership course

lifeguard performing first aid

aquatic leadership course

Leadership Progression Chart
 How to become a Swim Instructor & Lifeguard
 Level 1: Bronze Star 
Must be 12 years or completed Star Patrol
 Level 2: Bronze Medallion 
Must be 13 years or have completed Bronze Star 
Level 3: Bronze Cross and Emergency First Aid & CPR B 
Must have completed Bronze Medallion 
 Level 4: Standard First Aid & CPR C
 Recommend age 14 years 
Level 5: Lifesaving Swim & Lifesaving Instructor 
Must be 15 years and have completed Bronze Cross 
Level 6: National Lifeguard Program 
 Must be 15 years and have completed Bronze Cross
Sign-up for a Wet Screening 
Must have one of National Lifeguard, Lifesaving Swim Instructor/Lifesaving Instructor to register 
Upon successful completion of a Wet Screening, applicants will be asked for their resume and cover letter and will be invited to attend an individual interview 

Address: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, 100 Dissette St., Unit 4, Bradford, ON, L3Z 2A7

Phone: 905-775-5366,

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