​​The Town manages 29 pa​rks and parkettes​ for all residents to enjoy. Most BWG parks feature accessible picnic tables, wider pathways, and curb cuts for ease of access for wheelchairs and strollers.

Your efforts to help keep the parks clean will motivate others to do the same. Please be advised that park trails and pathways are not maintained during the winter months

BWG Parks and Amenities

Alan Kuzmich Memorial Park, 143 West Park Avenue

Alan Kuzmich Memorial Park

Park Amenities: Playground, Shade Structure, Portable Toilets (seasonal), Soccer Pitches, Basketball Courts, Splash/Spray Pads, Trails/Walking Paths

Angela Parkette, 595 Miller Park Avenue

 Angela Parkette

Park Amenities: Shade Structure, Trails/Walking Paths

Brookfield Parkette, 102 Mooney Street

Brookfield Parkette

Park Amenities: Playground, Shade Structure, Trails/Walking Paths

Brookview Outlook Parkette, 77 Brookview Drive

Brookview Outlook Parkette

Park Amenities: Shade Structure, Trails/Walking Paths

Bud Brown Park, 7 Dixon Boulevard

Bud Brown Park

Park Amenities: Playground, Portable Toilets (seasonal), Soccer Pitches, Basketball Courts, Outdoor Ice Rinks, Parking

Centennial Park, 125 Simcoe Road

Centennial Park

Park Amenities: Shade Structure, Portable Toilets (seasonal), Ball Diamonds, Soccer Pitches, Tennis Courts, Parking, Skate Park

Constable Devon Northrup Memorial Park, 140 Langford Boulevard

 Constable Devon Northrup Memorial Park

Park Amenities: Playground, Shade Structure, Basketball Courts, Splash/Spray Pads, Trails/Walking Paths

Danube Seniors Centre, 715 Simcoe Road

Danube Seniors Centre Pickle Ball court

Park Amenities: Shade Structure, Portable Toilets (seasonal), Pickleball Courts

Davey Lookout, 33 Noble Drive

Davey Lookout

Park Amenities: Playground, Soccer Pitches

DePeuter Park, 31 DePeuter Crescent

DePeuter Park

Park Amenities: Playground

Fuller Heights Park, 132 Collings Avenue

Fuller Heights Park

Park Amenities: Playground, Ball Diamonds, Trails/Walking Paths

Grand Central Parkette, 101 Gwillimbury Drive

Grand Central Parkette

Park Amenities: Playground, Trails/Walking Paths

Green Valley Park, 115 Barrow Avenue

Green Valley Park

Park Amenities: Playground, Shade Structure, Ball Diamonds, Splash/Spray Pads

Harman Park, 50 John Street East

Harman Park

Park Amenities: Playground, Parking

Henderson Field, 3200 Sideroad 10

Henderson Field

Park Amenities: Portable Toilets (seasonal), Soccer Pitches, Parking

Henderson Memorial Community Park, 3171 Line 9

Henderson Memorial Community Park

Park Amenities: Playground, Shade Structure, Portable Toilets (seasonal), Soccer Pitches, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Splash/Spray Pads, Trails/Walking Paths, Parking

Jackson Parkette, 21 Stoddart Court

Jackson Parkette

Park Amenities: Playground

Joe Magani Community Park, 3473 Line 11

Joe Magani Community Park

Park Amenities: Playground, Shade Structure, Portable Toilets (seasonal), Ball Diamonds, Soccer Pitches, Parking

Legion Parkette, 122 Wood Crescent

Legion Parkette

Park Amenities: Playground, Trails/Walking Paths

Lions Park, 226 Colbourne Street

Park Amenities: Playground, Shade Structure, Portable Toilets (seasonal), Ball Diamonds, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Outdoor Ice Rinks, Splash/Spray Pads, Trails/Walking Paths, Parking, Community Gardens

Luxury Park, 140 Kulpin Avenue

Luxury Park

Park Amenities: Playground, Portable Toilets (seasonal), Ball Diamonds, Basketball Courts, Parking

Ron Simpson Memorial Park, 251 Crossland Boulevard


Park Amenities: Playground, Shade Structure, Portable Toilets (seasonal), Soccer Pitches, Basketball Courts, Splash/Spray Pads, Trails/Walking Paths

Rose Garden Parkette, 159 Queen Street

Rose Garden Parkette

Park Amenities: Shade Structure

Rotary Park, 300 Holland Court

Rotary Park

Park Amenities: Shade Structure, Trails/Walking Paths

Summerlyn Parkette North, 60 Wandering Glider Trail

Summerlyn Parkette North

Park Amenities: Playground, Shade Structure, Trails/Walking Paths

Summerlyn Parkette South, 100 Meadowhawk Trail

Summerlyn Parkette South

Park Amenities: Playground, Shade Structure, Trails/Walking Paths

Taylor Park, 400 Walker Avenue

Taylor Park

Park Amenities: Accessible Natural Playground Area, Tennis Courts, Trails/Walking Paths, Parking, Multi-use Sports Pad, Community Gardens, Shade Structure

Veterans Park, 112 Gardiner Drive

Veterans Park

Park Amenities: Playground, Trails/Walking Paths

Westbrook Parkette, 93 Long Street

West Brook Parkette

Park Amenities: Playground

Quick Facts

  • There are over 100 acres of parks and open spaces to be enjoyed year round in Bradford West Gwillimbury.
  • Park features range from play areas, sport courts with basketball and winter skating facilities; play structures, ball diamonds, soccer pitches, tennis courts and plenty of benches on which to relax and watch the fun.
  • All playgrounds are inspected regularly as per Canadian Safety Association (CSA) legislation. Residents are reminded to perform their own "walkabout" of the playground area prior to allowing children on any equipment or play structure.
  • You are welcome to bring your dog(s) to any of the parks; however, they must be leashed at all times and all litter picked up as per the Town's Stoop and Scoop By-law.

Park Regulations

  • Your co-operation in following the posted rules that have been established to maintain the parks is appreciated:
  • Parks are open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Where there are gates, they will be locked outside these times.
  • Town By-laws require that dog owners clean up after their pets within Town limits.
  • Dogs must be kept leashed in all public areas, including parks.
  • Motorized vehicles other than authorized vehicles are not permitted in the parks. This includes snowmobiles, motorbikes and automobiles. Irresponsible vehicle users can do tremendous damage to the parks and natural areas.
  • For the safety of all park users, golfing is not permitted in Town parks.
  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking/vaping of any kind are also NOT permitted in Town parks.

If you see anyone vandalizing or abusing Town parks, please contact South Simcoe Police Services at 905 775 3311.

Address: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, 100 Dissette St., Unit 7&8, Bradford, ON, L3Z 2A7

Phone: 905-775-5366, Send an Email

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