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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Official Plan Review 2016-2020
​​OP Review logoOP ​Review Status

The FINAL Official Plan was adopted by Council on March 2, 2021. It will now go to the County of Simcoe, as the final agency of approval.​

See all materials in the Documents list on the right side of this page​.

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What is an Official Plan?

An Official Plan provides a vision for future growth and generally guides where new homes, schools, businesses and parks should be located. It includes policies with respect to the constructi​on of new services such as roads and sewers as well as protecting our natural and built heritage.

The Planning Act mandates that municipalities review and update their official plans every five years. This process at the Town got restarted earlier in 2014, and a Public Open House was held during the June 3, 2014, Town Council meeting. Staff held informal consultations in the summer of 2014; however, changes and reviews at other levels of government caused the review of the Town’s official plan to be suspended for the past few years. In 2016, the Town engaged MMM Group to carry out a phased review and update of the Town’s 2002 Official Plan.​

Project Process

​​​The Town has retained MMM Group Limited to assist in undertaking the Official Plan Review.

The Official Plan project is comprised of three stages, which generally includes the following tasks and anticipated timeframes:

Phase One: Amendments for the First Four Main Issues 

Four areas were identified by Town staff as priorities to be addressed in the first stage of the review:

  • Employment lands review (including requests for conversion to other uses)
  • Growth and population distribution (e.g. housing mix forecast)
  • Downtown Bradford revitalization
  • Seniors housing options​

This phase is now complete, with Official Plan Amendments adopted by Council on March 21, 2017.

Phase Two: Policy Directions Report

This phase involved review and updating of all policy areas not covered in Phase 1. This work included a community workshop and presentation to Council.

Phase Three: New Official Plan

This phase is nearing completion. The final draft of the new Official Plan was presented to the Committee of the Whole for approval, and is expected to be ratified by Council on ​March 2, 2021.

Where are we now?

​Below is a list of project milestones, with completed items marked:DONE​​

​​PHASE 1 ​ ​

​Stakeholder Meetings​Growth & Population / Downtown Bradford
August 16, 2016
Employment Lands
August 18, 2016
​Seniors Housing Forum​
August 23, 2016
​Special Meeting of Council​September 6, 2016
​​Public Open House​September 13, 2016
​Public Meeting​October 4, 2016
​​Status Update to Council​December 20, 2016
​​Staff Report to CouncilFebruary 7, 2017
​By-laws Enacted ​March 21, 2017

​ ​​​PHASE 2 ​ ​

Community Workshop​June 8, 2017
​Staff Report to Council​​October 3, 2017

​​PHASE 3 ​ ​

​Downtown Revitalization Committee Presentation

​April 4, 2018
​​Arts and Culture Advisory Committee Presentation
​​April 9, 2018
​​Public Open Houses
​April 10, 2018
Accessibility Advisory Committee Presentation
April 11, 2018
​Holland Marsh Drainage System Joint Municipal Services Board Presentation
​April 12, 2018
​Active Transportation/Recreation Committee Presentation
​April 18, 2018
​Holland Marsh Growers Association Presentation
​April 19, 2018
​Traffic Committee Presentation
​April 24, 2018
​Economic Development Advisory Committee
​April 25, 2018
​Public Meeting

​April 30, 2018, 7 p.m.
BWG Public Library
​Heritage Committee Presentation
​May 7, 2018
Review written comments and stakeholder inputJune – Dec 2018​DONE​​
​Prepare revised DRAFT OP Text and schedules for Town ReviewJune – October 2018DONE​​
Town review of DRAFT OP Text and SchedulesOctober 2018 – February 2019​DONE​​
Update OP Text and Schedules​February 2019DONE​​
Town review of DRAFT OP Text and SchedulesMarch 2019 – September 2019​DONE​​
​Consultant review and update of OP for conformity with NEW (2019) Growth PlanMarch 2019 – September 2019DONE​​
Update OP Text and SchedulesNovember 2019​DONE​​
Town Review of DRAFT OP and Text and Schedules​January 2020 – August 2020DONE​​
Consultant review and update of OP for conformity with NEW Provincial Policy Statement (2020)June – July 2020​DONE​​
Update OP Text and SchedulesNovember 2020​
Review of Comments and Stakeholder Input2018 – 2020​​​DONE​​
​Final Comment Response MatrixSeptember 2020
Ongoing resolution of Appeals of OPA 25 (Population and Growth Management and OPA 26 (Employment)​2019 - 2020DONE​​
Information Report and Presentation of final DRAFT OP to Council​December 15, 2020DONE​​
​Recommendation Report to Council for Adoption of Consolidated OP Text and SchedulesF​ebruary 16, 2021​​
Council Adoption of Consolidated OP Text and Schedules​TBD
Simcoe County Approval of Consolidated OP Text and SchedulesTBD​​​
​ ​

Documents & Presentation Materials - First Phase

Recommendation Report (Feb.7/17):

BILD Presentation (Jan.27/17):

Council Update (Dec.20/16):

Public Information Meeting (Oct.4/16):

Phase 1 Public Open House (Sep.13/16):

Special Meeting of Council (Sep.6/16):

Stakeholder Meetings (Aug.16-23/16):


Documents & Presentation Materials - Second and Third Phases

Public Comments - First Phase

​​​First S​e​ction 26 Notice - June 23, 2016
​Stakeholder Meetings - August 16-23, 2016
​Special Meeting of Council - September 6, 2016
Public Open House - September 13, 2016
​Public Meeting - October 4, 2016
Council Update - December 20, 2016
Recommendation Report - February 7, 2017
OPAs Adopted - February 21, 2017

Public Comments - Second Phase

Public Comments - Third Phase

We want to hear from you!

You are encouraged to provide comments throughout the Official Plan review process. Reports and materials will continue to be posted on this site for your review. 

If you wish to discuss the OP in person you may come to the Planning office at 305 Barrie St, Unit 2 (No Frills Plaza). We recommend calling ahead to ensure someone will be available (905-778-2055). 

Verbal consultations DO NOT become part of the public record. For your comments to be included in the public record, they must be received in writing.​​ 

For inclusion in the public record

If you want your comments to be included in the official report to be reviewed by Council, you MUST:
- submit your comments in writing (not verbally)
- provide your complete name and contact information 
- begin your message with
  "Attention Mayor and Council of the Town of BWG" 
- mail OR email it to:
         Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury
​         c/o Municipal Clerk
         100 Dissette St., P.O. Box 100
         Bradford, ON L3Z 2A7
         click to send ​​by email

To ask questions or make comments to Town staff

If your letter/email is NOT addressed to the Mayor and Council, it will be reviewed by staff in the Office of Community Planning only and not made part of the official public record. 
- Contact Town staff at: 905-778-2055 ext.1404 or
- ​click to send ​​an email to the Office of Community Planning​