Town-Wide Urban Design Guidelines

The final set of TWUDG was endorsed by Council on September 20, 2022, at the Committee of the Whole Meeting.​ Watch the meeting recording.

The Town Wide Urban Design Guidelines (TWUDG) are a set of policies put in place to help shape the look and feel of all future development by ensuring that it is reflective of local context and character, while also ensuring that it reflects innovative best practices to ensure current and future residents continue to see desirable high quality urban design in the public and private realm.

The purpose of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Town Wide Urban Design Guidelines is to implement the Town-wide Design Policies of the Official Plan. The Town-wide Design Policies state that 'Exemplary urban design shall be achieved through: 
  1. The creation of a strong community framework and identity;
  2. ​The creation of distinct yet integrated neighbourhoods;
  3. The creation of a transitional interface between urban and significant natural features;
  4. A compatible and complementary interface between existing and new development; and,
  5. Pedestrian-oriented neighbourhoods and streetscapes.
​The Town-wide Urban Design Guidelines build upon these objectives and are intended to provide guidance, standards, and general concepts in the areas of building typologies, site planning, architectural design, landscape and open space design for the Bradford Urban Area, the Bond Head Settlement Area and the Highway 400 Employment Area, as identified in Official Plan Schedule A – Urban Structure and Built Boundary.

​They will assist property owners and developers in the preparation of development proposals and the Town and public agencies with the review of development applications to ensure that development is occurring in a sustainable, complementary, and compatible manner.

Town-Wide Urban Design Guidelines

Review the TWUDG that are currently in effect, applicable to applications deemed complete after September 20, 2022​.

CPA 2 Presentation Cover, reading " Urban Design Guidelines Community Plan Area 2"
Urban Design Guidelines CPA 2

The previous Urban Design Guidelines (2005) are only applicable to applications deemed complete prior to September 20, 2022​.

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