Site Alteration Permits

BWG's Fill and Site Alteration By-law was is intended to protect the environment by prohibiting or regulating the placing or dumping of fill, the removal of topsoil and the alteration of the grade of land within the the town.

This By-law is not intended to restrict the placing or dumping of soil for the purpose of lawn dressing, fence, pool or accessory structure construction, landscaping, flower beds or vegetable gardens, provided that the existing grade elevation of the land is not increased more than 8 inches or 200mm and that the drainage of the property is not altered. 


The purpose of this By-law is to ensure that no person shall place or dump, fill on land, remove topsoil or alter the grade of land within the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury without a proper review of the proposed work, the quantities of material to be imported or removed, the quality of the material and its effect on neighbouring properties. By obtaining a permit, pursuant to this By-Law, a proper review will be carried out to ensure public and environmental interests are protected.

In order to obtain a Site Alteration Permit, a complete submission in accordance with the requirements specified in the By-law, including an application form , drawings, plans and reports shall be submitted for review by the Town.

Pre-consultation with the Town is encouraged to ensure that you have a full understanding of the requirements to obtain the permit. To arrange for a pre-consultation meeting or for further information please contact our Engineering Division.

Download Permit Form here.

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Site Alteration Permit

Review and complete our site alteration permit application before you begin your project.

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Site Alteration By-law

Visit our By-law library to learn your responsibilities under By-law 2017-33.

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