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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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With each new term of office, Town of BWG Council appoi​nts​ committees to provide recommendations, advice and information to Council, and carry out assigned responsibilities (as described in the Terms of Reference of each group).  

Accessibility Advisory Committee

Purpose: The Accessibility Advisory Committee is established to:
  • Provide advice and comments to Council and staff regarding the Town’s accessibility Plan
  • Respond to Council’s requests for advice with respect to accessibility in Town services
  • Ensure the standards of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 are being met
  • Review plans for development under Section 41 of the Planning Act with respect to accessibility issues and advise of any concerns
  • Champion accessibility within the community

Membership: Councillor Raj Sandhu (Chair), Deputy Mayor James Leduc, Andrew Belanger, Patti Burns, Charlie Hurley, Herbert Madden, Wendi Williams-Gordon

Terms of Reference: click for PDF

Click for more information on accessibility at the Town of BWG.​


Active Transportation/Recreation Committee

Purpose: The Active Transportation/Recreation Committee is established to:

  • Review and provide advice respecting strategies that advocate for the use of “human-powered” travel throughout the municipality
  • Increase transportation opportunities in the municipality that are “human-powered” and are an alternative choice to motorized transportation
  • Support and enhance recreational opportunities within the community and work with key stakeholder groups 
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen and increase recreation for all residents

Membership: Councillor Gary Baynes (Chair), Deputy Mayor James Leduc, Ranjit Sandhu, John Francon, Tom Ehlers, Cyndie Pasquarella, Sarah Perry, Lisa Dafoe

Terms of Reference: clic​​k for PDF


Arts & Culture Advisory Committee

Purpose: The Arts & Culture Advisory Committee is established to:

  • Establish effective partnerships and liaisons with the Town, public agencies, boards and commissions, other levels of government, the private sector and other arts agencies and organizations;
  • Encourage partnerships among its members;
  • Facilitate funding for arts and cultural projects;
  • Provide a forum for groups and organizations interested in preserving and/or promoting arts and cultural resources; and
  • Recognize the excellence in the arts and cultural sectors in BWG

Membership: Deputy Mayor James Leduc (Chair)Councillor Ron Orr, Janie Kuzmyk Houghton (Vice-Chair), Elena Chisholm, Bob Adam, Stella Wadsworth

Terms of Reference: click for PDF


Committee of Adjustment

Purpose: The Ontario Planning Act grants authority to Municipal Councils to appoint committees to approve a number of minor applications. 

  • ​Section 45 of the Planning Act permits the Committee of Adjustment to make decisions on Minor Variances from the Zoning By-law and to grant permission for altering or changing a lawful non-conforming use of land, buildings or structures. 
  • Section 53 of the Planning Act permits the Committee of Adjustment to make decisions on applications for changes to land configuration in the form of Consents.

Membership: Stephen Fick (Chair), Ed Gres, David Morton, James Slykhuis, Mario Vittiglio

Terms of Reference and Meeting Schedule: click for details


Downtown Revitalization Committee

Purpose: The Downtown Revitalization Committee is established to:

  • Provide input to staff in the development of policies to promote the revitalization of the downtown
  • Provide leadership and vision for a renewed downtown
  • Identify opportunities and develop community-wide partnerships 
  • Pursue key initiatives that will act as catalysts for downtown revitalization
  • Support and enhance opportunities for existing and new businesses within the downtown area
  • Develop and recommend annual business plans to support the implementation strategy of the Downtown Revitalization Report.

Membership: Councillor Peter Ferragine (Chair), Deputy Mayor James Leduc, Councillor Mark Contois, Councillor Peter Dykie Jr., Cor DenBleker, Robertus Bots, Stephen Dykie, Ryan Charron, John Flanagan, Alfiero Cavallo, Representative of the Bradford Board of Trade

​Terms of Reference: click for PDF


Economic Development Advisory Committee

Purpose: The Economic Development Advisory Committee is established to provide a forum for local economic development discussions that will support and enhance the Town’s economic development programs. The overarching goals of the group are to:

  • Assist with implementation of the strategic plan by streamlining economic development activity by prioritizing certain functions over others;
  • Foster an environment of prosperity and opportunity for the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, it municipal partners, residents, and businesses​
  • Retain and expand local investment; 
  • Strategically position BWG within the marketplace to attract new investment;

Membership: Deputy Mayor Leduc, Councillor Raj Sandhu, Grant Pretorius, James McNeill, Margie Kneeshaw, Gary Brickell, Michael Artichuk

​Terms of Reference: click for PDF

Economic Development Strategy​ (6MG file)


Fire and Emergency Services Committee

Purpose: The Fire and Emergency Services Committee is established to:

  • Review and provide advice respecting fire and emergency services planning affecting residents, businesses and institutions of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury
  • Consider issues that have an impact on the delivery services and make recommendations to Council 
  • Consider the recommendations pertaining to facilities, equipment and staffing 
  • Study the physical and financial implications of the Fire Master Plan and report back to Council with recommendations for the longer term needs of the Town
Membership: Deputy Mayor Leduc (Chair), Councillor Raj Sandhu, Councillor Gary Lamb, Councillor Marc Contois

Terms of Reference: click for PDF


Heritage Committee

Purpose: The Heritage Committee is established to:

  • Promote public participation in heritage matters through public education, public relations and public participation
  • Provide advice respecting heritage preservation within the municipality to Council
  • Identify buildings, structures and land that are of historical or cultural significant to the municipality and recommend their designation to Council
  • Develop a heritage permit system
  • In performing the above duties, conduct site investigations and undertake research in accordance with the provisions of the Ontario Heritage Act.

Membership: Councillor Ron Orr (Chair), ​Mayor Rob Keffer, Ian Cooper, Munawar Ahmed Chudary, Jennifer de Winter, Roseann Beintema, Diane Milos, Brenda Winter, Lynda Usher, Franz Aschwanden

Terms of Reference: click for PDF

Click for more information on Heritage Planning.


​Seniors Housing Committee

Purpose: The Seniors Housing Committee is established to explore opportunities for the creation of seniors housing and make recommendations. The Committee is comprised of the 9 members of Council.

Membership: Deputy Mayor Leduc (Chair), Mayor Rob Keffer, Councillor Raj Sandhu, Councillor Gary Baynes, Councillor Gary Lamb, Councillor Ron Orr, Councillor Peter Ferragine, Councillor Marc Contois​​, Councillor Peter Dykie Jr.

Terms of Reference: click for PDF

Seniors Housing Needs Assessment 2013


​Traffic Committee

Purpose: The Traffic Committee is established to advise and make recommendations to Council on all traffic management issues, including but not limited to; parking control, speed limits, cross walks and crossing guards, load restrictions, school safety zones, traffic lights and traffic signs.

Membership: Councillor Gary Lamb (Chair), Councillor Raj Sandhu, Councillor Gary Baynes, Councillor Peter Ferragine 

Terms of Reference: click for PDF