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​​​​​​Town of BWG Curbside Treasure Hunt Day:
Saturday, June 22, 2019

On Saturday, ​June 22, 2019, Town of BWG residents are invited to take part in the first annual Treasure Hunt Day by placing unwanted, gently used items at the curb for other residents to take for their own use, free of charge. This is a great opportunity to give unwanted items a new life while keeping them out of landfill!

How to give away Treasure:

How to hunt for Treasure:

  • Tour the neighbourhoods of BWG to find what's been put at the curb for the taking.
    (Feel like venturing further? Newmarket is hosting a curbside giveaway the same day!)
  • Only take items that are clearly marked FREE.​
  • Please respect private property and do not walk on people's lawns or knock on doors to inquire about items.
  • ​Obey traffic laws at all times (e.g. do not block traffic and driveways or park illegally) and watch out for children.

What to do with unclaimed items:

  • Items must be removed from the curb at the end of the day to avoid a by-law violation.
  • Consider donating unclaimed items to charitable, non-profit organizations or community groups.
  • Post your item for trade or sale on local buy-and-sell Facebook groups.
  • To have leftover items picked up by Simcoe County waste collection, you must make an appointment and pay a fee of $40 for up to 5 items. (Don’t have 5? Get together with a neighbour to share the cost!). ​There is no free bulky item collection service in Simcoe County. Click for details.
  • Take your items to the local ​waste depot for proper disposal or recycling. Click for locations and details.

Please note: Information provided by the Town of BWG about Treasure Hunt Day ​is intended as helpful advice only; it is ​not legally binding. Curbside Treasure Hunt Day participants are responsible for the goods they are giving away and the goods they are acquiring. The Town of BWG does not accept any liability for any actions taken by participants in the Treasure Hunt Day or for the type or quality of goods being given away or acquired as part of the Treasure Hunt Day.