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​​​​​Section D: Watermains & Appurtenances

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Number​​ ​Titl​e ​P​D​F ​CAD
Text Document ​ ​ ​
​Section DWatermains & Appurtenances
​Standard Drawings ​ ​ ​
BWG-D101 ​Temporary Water Connection​​
​BWG-D102 ​Zone Valve Detail​​
​BWG-D103 Sampling Station Installation​​
​BWG-D104​Sampling Station Water Service Combination​​
​BWG-D105 Air Release Valve and Chamber Direct Bury Installation​​
​BWG-D106 Water Meter Installation​ Up To 25mm​​
​BWG-D107Water Meter Installation​ Larger Than 25mm​​
BWG-D108Hydrant Set With Mechanically Restrained Joints​​​
BWG-D109​Typical Restrainer Installation​​
BWG-D110Water Service Connection​​​
BWG-D111​Fire Domestic Commercial Service Valve Chamber​​
BWG-D112Insulation Details for Watermain and Service Connections​​​
BWG-D113​Cathodic Protection for Valves Not In Chamber, Iron Fittings, Service Connections on PVC Mains​​
BWG-D114Restraining of PVC Watermain at In-Line Valve​​​
BWG-D115​Typical Precast Circular Chamber Waterproofing Details​​
BWG-D116​Pressure Reducing & Sustaining Valve & Chambers​​
BWG-D117​Pressure Reducing Valve for Up To 250mm PVC in 1200mm Chamber​​
BWG-D118Typical Watermain Air Release Valve in Chamber​​​
BWG-D119​Typical Water Meter Chamber​​