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​Asset Management - Policy


This policy sets out the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury’s commitment to manage and care for its assets in a way which assists in the achievement of its vision and meets the infrastructure needs of the community.


Asset Management in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury (the Town) means the utilization of best practice to ensure that the wide variety of assets under its control are provided and maintained in a set condition and replaced as required, such that they are usable and safe for the purpose those assets have been provided.

Asset Management involves all areas of the Town from those that plan services, provide services and manage assets and services to those who use the assets. The Town will ensure that integrated decision making will be utilized in order that the built, social, economic and natural impacts of asset provision and maintenance are properly considered throughout the asset management process.

This policy shall be read in conjunction with the Annual Budget and Business Plan and various strategic documents including:

  • Council’s Strategic Priorities
  • Asset Management Strategy
  • Asset Management Plans
  • Information Technology Strategy

Policy Commitment

The Vision for the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is to “be a complete and healthy community where there are opportunities for everyone to contribute and to benefit.”

With regard to asset management, in order to achieve this Vision, the Town is committed to:

  • Achieving financial sustainability of its assets over a period of time through the following measures:
    • Ensuring that the asset base is not increased without considering the impact on the ability to fund future maintenance and rehabilitation;
    • Not replacing those assets that are determined to be underutilized, at the end of their useful lives, subject to consultation with the community and determining the impact of nonreplacement on the community;
    • Increasing grant and other funding to ensure assets are maintained at least in their current condition;
  • Integrated management linking asset management strategy, policy and procedures to other Town policies, strategies and procedures;
  • Utilization of technological advances relevant to asset management;
  • An integrated planning approach which ensures manager roles are understood and documented and that communication procedures are in place which ensure assets are planned and delivered in a sustainable manner;
  • Implementation of Best Practice;
  • Improving its maintenance and rehabilitation practices;
  • Maintaining and rehabilitating its existing assets in a manner which is acceptable to the community in terms of financial burden, safety, quality, impact on the environment, meeting needs and the Town’s ability to fund those works;
  • Maximizing resources to achieve the best outcome for the community;
  • Regularly consulting and surveying the community to determine whether its needs are being satisfied;
  • Preparation of an Asset Management Strategy which details how this policy is to be implemented;
  • Preparation and review of detailed asset management plans for all major classes of assets and using these plans to assist in determining the priorities for capital and maintenance expenditure;
  • Monitoring its performance in accordance with measures developed as part of its Asset Management Strategy.​