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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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​​​​Asset Management Plan - Executive Summary

Bradford West Gwillimbury (BWG) is the southern-most municipality in Simcoe County. The Town, straddling the Hwy. 400 and Yonge Street corridors, is located at the midpoint between the City of Barrie and the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. The landscape is dominated by agricultural activity, most notably the Holland Marsh, but also features an emerging urban centre (Bradford) with considerable population growth forecasted for the next several years (total population is expected to grow from approximately 27,000 to 50,500 people by 2031). BWG is recognized by Statistics Canada as an outlying component of the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area and is increasingly reflecting the trends and policies affecting the entire Greater Toronto Area.

The Town is responsible for delivery and maintenance of core services such as roads, water, wastewater, pumping stations and bridges. In March 2012 on behalf of the Town, GHD prepared an Asset Management Plan and Strategy document with the following objectives:

  1. Document a vision for asset management (AM).
  2. Define the actions and resources required to achieve this vision as well as enable continuous improvement of service delivery.
  3. Define information technology (IT) systems required to manage the Town’s assets and the means to optimise the use and cost of these systems.
  4. Understand the current and long-term costs to sustain the Town’s infrastructure over the full lifecycle of the assets.

The study also reflects on the current system conditions, rehabilitation needs, replacement costs, financial strategy and funding gaps for core infrastructure assets of the Town. The Town’s inventory of core assets is summarized in the table below. 

Asset Type​​Total
Roads​250 km
Bridges and Culverts24
Watermains140 km
Sanitary Sewer96 km
Forcemains9 km
Pumping Stations4
Waste Water Treatment Plants1
Storm Sewers102 km
Sidewalks120 km


Total replacement costs of infrastructure assets of the Town are summarized from the study as follows:

​It is estimated that the replacement cost of existing Town assets averages $15.5 million per year as per the asset management study that was completed by GHD Inc in 2012.  

The Town utilizes following sources of funding for replacement of Capital Projects:

  1. Federal Gas Tax
  2. Special Capital Replacement Tax Levy
  3. User Fees (water and sewer fees)

Federal gas tax funding has been a stable source of funding for a variety of projects including roads resurfacing and facilities rehabilitations. It is assumed that federal gas tax will be a steady contribution for the duration of this financial plan. The Town will receive approximately $812,890 in federal gas tax for the years 2014 and 2015.

A 1% special capital replacement tax levy was approved in 2013 to compliment capital asset replacement funding and this was increased to 2% through the 2014 tax levy budget approval process. Additional 1% increases are proposed to be implemented in subsequent budgets in support of capital assets replacement funding strategy.

For 2014 and 2015, total contribution from water and wastewater to reserves is proposed to be $3,434,761 (38% of water and wastewater billings). In total, BWG currently contributes approximately $7.147 million per year towards reserves for replacement of existing assets.​​