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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Wastewater Treatment and Collection

The Town of BWG operates six pumping stations in various locations within the Town and one Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) located on Dissette Street. The pumping stations convey wastewater to the WPCP for treatment. ​​in an emergency Call Huronia Alarms at 1-800-461-9675Once the ​wastewater has been treated and has met rigorous standards it is deposited into the West Holland River.

The Wastewater Division is responsible for the conveyance and treatment of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional wastewater within BWG. All wastewater operators must be certified to operate any aspects of the wastewater treatment and collection system. The Town of BWG provides training to operators to ensure they meet the strict requirements to maintain wastewater certifications.
For more information about wastewater licences visit www.owwco.ca​.

What is wastewater?

Wastewater is anything that travels through the Town of BWG collection system to the Wastewater Treatment plant. This includes anything that goes down the drain from the sink, shower, toilet, laundry and industrial processes. It is very important to be aware of what should and should not go down the drain. When foreign objects enter the collection system they can cause major issues for the Town’s infrastructure. Only biodegradable toilet paper and human waste should be go down the drain. ​

sanitary sewer coverWhat is a sewer? 

Sanitary sewers collect sewage from all residential, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities and convey the wastewater to the WPCP. The sewer pipe that connects you to the town municipal sanitary sewer is referred to as a sewer lateral.

From the surface, a storm sewer may look the same as a sanitary sewer but they are not the same,and each sewer type is labeled. A storm sewer collects rain water and runoff from outdoor activities such as lawn watering and car washing, and the water may not be treated before it reaches the environment​.
Learn more about stormwater.​​

"I Don’t Flush" Campaign

The Town has partnered with the Clean Water Foundation and Ontario Clean Water Association to provide public awareness through the I Don’t Flush campaign.
Learn more about keeping household waste out of the sewer system.​​ 

MOECC Annual Report

The BWG WPCP is required by the current Environmental Compliance Approval to complete an annual summary report. The most recent report is available from the Documents list at right.

​​photo of WPCPWater Pollution Control Plant​

​The BWG Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) treats all wastewater from residential, industrial, commercial and institutional facilities connected to the municipal sewer system. The WPCP is located in BWG and all treated wastewater once meeting strict requirements of the Provincial and Federal Governments is then deposited into the West Holland River. 
Learn more about ​the WPCP.