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​​Frequently Asked Questions for New Residential Subdivisions

This section is designed to answer some of the common inquiries that are made to the Town’s Building Division.

Who do I contact for deficiencies in my new home?

Your builder is responsible for deficiencies in your new home. If the builder fails to respond, notify TARION and request assistance within the proper timeframe of your warranty. It is important to record all complaints in writing to both your builder and TARION. Purchasers are urged to discuss the complaint process with their solicitor. There is a link on the right hand side for TARION contact information.

What is the Developer’s responsibility?

The developer is responsible for grading & drainage; construction of sewers, watermains, roads, curbs & sidewalks; street lighting; street trees; & perimeter fencing in the subdivision.

What is the Builder’s responsibility?

The builder is responsible for constructing your house; grading & sodding of the lot; driveway construction.

What does "Final Acceptance" or "Assumption" of a new Subdivision mean?

Final Acceptance and/or Assumption of a Subdivision occurs when the municipality assumes responsibility for the maintenance of all municipal services from the developer. This typically occurs within three to six years after the registration of the subdivision, when all requirements of the developer have been fulfilled. Until this happens, the developer is responsible for all municipal and regional services, and maintenance of the streets with the exception of snow clearance and garbage pick-up. Unassumed roads are open to the public and subject to conventional rules of the road under the Highway Traffic Act, including parking regulations.

Can I landscape, plant trees, shrubs, flowers or place structures on Town Boulevards?

Landscaping features cannot be placed on Town lands. Homeowners who do not comply will be required to remove these features at their own expense.

Can I construct a deck, fence, shed, patio and/or swimming pool?

When compliance of the building code is met by the home owner; a permit will be administered. However, the home owner is responsible for obtaining confirmation of Final Grading from Engineering Services. If Final Grading has not been completed, a written letter from the builder is required to confirm that he/she has no objections. In addition to this, the complete building permit application must comply with the Ontario Building Code and the building permit must have been issued when the proposal complies with code and applicable law.