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​​​List of Applicable Law

Resulting from recent changes to the Building Code the definition of applicable law has been replaced with a list of statutes and regulations. Building permit applicants must establish compliance with applicable law at the time of permit application submission.

Agriculture & Food

  • Nutrient Management Act 2002 s. 11: Farm buildings housing animals or animal manure
  • Milk Act s.14: Buildings used as milk processing plant.

Charitable Institutions

  • Charitable Institutions Act s. 5: Where building is used for charitable institution.

Child Care Centres

  • Day Nurseries Acts.5: Where a building is used for a daycare.


  • Environmental Assessment Act s.5: major I/ C/ I projects.
  • MOE Certificate of Approval Environmental Protection Act s.9: where building may discharge contaminants.
  • Brownfield Redevelopment Environmental Protection Act s. 168: where industrial or commercial property changed to residential or parkland use.
  • Former Landfills, Environmental Protection Act s.46: where building on former waste disposal site.

Funeral Homes

  • Funeral Directors and Establishments Act s.9: where building houses a funeral establishment.


  • Public Transportation & Highway Improvement Act s. 34/38: permit form Minister for construction projects located within 45 meters of King's highway.


  • Public Hospitals Act s.4: New hospitals and facilities or additions to existing hospitals.
  • Private Hospitals Act s. 22: where house is used as a private hospital.

Public Lands Development

  • Work Permit, Public Lands Act s. Ont. Reg. 453/96: Construction of a building on Public Lands.

Senior Citizens

  • Nursing Home Licensing, Nursing Homes Act s. 4 & 5: construction, alteration or conversion of building to a nursing home.
  • Retirement Homes, Homes for the Aged & Rest Homes Act s.14 & Elderly Persons Centres Act s.6: Where building used as a home for the aged.