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​​​Accessory Structures

The acquisition of a building permit is required for the construction of any accessory structure. It is important to check with the Permit Administrator of the Building Division to determine the maximum size and the number of accessory buildings permitted on the property, prior to submitting an application for a building permit.

Building Permit Application

1.  Completed building permit application form and zoning compliance form.

2.  2 copies of plans including:

  • Legal Property Survey or a Site Plan designating the location of the proposed accessory building including dimensions and distance from property line(s) and other buildings including location of existing septic system where applicable.
  • Plan(s) and section(s) drawings to include the following information:
    • Footing and foundation construction details, or concrete slab detail or alternate (approved) method of anchorage for accessory buildings less than 50 metres square and not of masonry or masonry veneer construction.
    • Floor (if provided), wall and roof construction details and framing of all openings (windows and doors).
    • Wall cladding and roof covering details.

3. Building permit fees calculated at $3.00 per square metre, Zoning review fee of $62.00 and Assessment fee of $40.00. (fees set by Building By-law and subject to amendment)

Building Permit Issuance

  1. Permits shall be released to the owner or applicant. The building department will release permits to other parties only where a completed authorization form has been received from the owner of the property.
  2. Where a permit is to be issued to a party other than the owner, a form (Owner Authorization form) signed by the owner shall be submitted for the authorization of work to be undertaken on the owner’s property.