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​Unit/Suite/Interior Finishing

This section refers to the interior finishing of any unit, suite, and/or complete building.

Building Permit Application

The following is required at submission. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.


  • Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish
  • Schedule 1: Designer Information
  • Applicable Law Checklist
  • General Review Commitment Certificate where required
  • Detailed Letter of Use describing the nature of the operation or business, the number of employees and the occupant load for assembly type uses (restaurant, clubs, etc.). Industrial storage or manufacturing uses shall include a detailed description of the processes and materials or chemicals used or stored and the method of storage.


All plans must be drawn to a specified scale.

  • Key Plan - indicate the suite, unit or project area in relation to the rest of the building-provide the use or occupancy of adjacent units
  • Architectural Plans - provide room and space dimensions-clearly identify the use of all rooms and spaces-identify existing and new construction-provide construction details and specifications for proposed construction including all fire-rated assemblies-identify the construction detail and fire resistance rating of both new and existing demising walls
  • Structural Plans - provide design criteria, construction details and specifications for all proposed structural modifications
  • Mechanical Plans HVAC - provide distribution system plan including unit location and specification, duct sizes and volume, damper and fire stop flap locations-provide 2 copies of load calculations
  • Plumbing - indicate existing and proposed fixtures-specify required clearances of fixtures-where new fixtures are proposed provide a sanitary drain layout and pipe size.
  • Electrical - show the location of all required exit signs and emergency lights-where a fire alarm system is required provide fire alarm drawings conforming to CAN/ULC S524-M-mag locks and hold open devices require submission of technical information on devices and tie into fire alarm system.
  • Commercial cooking facilities must be equipped with an exhaust system designed in compliance with NFPA 96.
  • Restaurants must be provided with a climate controlled garbage facility within the building.


  • The building permit fee is based on the service index for the classification of the work proposed and the floor area in m2of the work involved (Fee = Service Index X Area).