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​​Change of Use/Alteration

This section refers to the modification of an existing building. This includes alterations and changes in use.

Note: Please check with the Zoning Plans Examiner of the Building Division to determine whether the proposed change of use is permitted in accordance with the Town’s Zoning By-law, prior to submitting a building permit application.

Building Permit Application

  • The applicant must retain a professional designer to assess the existing premises and to prepare the plans.
  • Even though no construction may be proposed, upgrading of one or more of the following areas may be required:
    • demising wall fire separations
    • exits
    • door hardware
    • provision of washroom facilities and fixtures
    • HVAC system (ventilation)
    • exit signs and emergency lighting
    • a fire alarm system may be required

Application for a permit must include:

  1. Completed building permit application consisting of:
    • Application form "Permit to Construct or Demolish"
    • Schedule 1: Designer Information
    • Applicable Law Checklist
  2. Letter of Use –describing the operation or program, in detail, the number of employees and the occupant load as well as any special circumstances which may affect the design of the space.
  3. Two (2) complete sets of plans including:
    • KEY PLAN / SITE PLAN – indicating the property lines, internal roads, parking, the building, designating clearly the project area and the occupancies of any adjacent units (a separate site plan and key plan or a combined site plan/key plan may be provided).
    • ARCHITECTURAL PLAN(S) – provide overall room and space dimensions; identify clearly the use of all rooms and spaces; designate existing and proposed construction; provide construction details for all proposed construction and fire separations.
    • STRUCTURAL PLANS – prepared by a structural engineer for structural modifications required as a result of a change of use or new construction.
    • MECHANICAL PLANS – 1. HVAC –provide 1 copy of load calculations and 2 copies of the distribution system designed by a professional engineer; where no changes are proposed the adequacy of existing systems must be assessed by a professional engineer and a written report submitted. 2. PLUMBING –where changes are proposed or additional plumbing is required a drain plan must be provided. 3. SPRINKLER –a sprinkler plan must be provided where any changes to the existing room or space layout are proposed.
    • ELECTRICAL PLANS – provide the location of all required exit signs and emergency lights. If the building is equipped with a fire alarm system, a complete layout must be provided, designed by an electrical engineer.
    • OTHER - Commercial cooking facilities must be equipped with an exhaust system designed in compliance with NFPA 96. Restaurants must be provided with a climate controlled garbage room within the building.