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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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​​Road Occupancy Permits – Utility Works

Utility companies requiring to occupy the Town's right-of-way to complete work on utility infrastructure will need to apply for a Utility Road Occupancy Permit (ROP).

Please note that payment and submission of an ROP application is not considered a valid permit. The Town will reach out to you to provide a valid permit upon satisfactory review of the permit application.

Prior to starting your ROP application, please ensure you have the following documents:

  • A copy of an up to date WSIB Clearance Certificate.
  • A copy of your Certificate of Insurance (The Town requires a minimum of $5,000,000.00 in General Liability and the Town must be listed as additionally insured.
  • Approved Municipal Consent (if applicable).
  • A drawing/ sketch of the proposed works.
  • A Traffic Control Plan (TCP).
  • A photo of the work area showing pre-existing conditions.
  • A Restoration Plan​

Municipal Consent

What is Municipal Consent​

A Municipal Consent is a process that allows Utility Companies to engage the Town for the location approval to install new infrastructure, complete major upgrades, and/or complete repairs to existing infrastructure within the Town's owned right-of-way.​

How to apply for Municipal Consent

To submit a Municipal Consent application, applicants must submit a cover letter stating the date, contact person, contact information, company name, company address, company project number(s) (if applicable), identify the location of the proposed work, a detailed description of the proposed work and applicable drawings detailing the proposed works.

Applications must be submitted to the Town a minimum of 30 business days prior to the planned start date of the work.

Applications can be sent to the following email address: roadpermits@townofbwg.com. The Municipal Consent applications will be reviewed by the Town's Transportation Department.​