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​​​​​​Tax and Utility Billing Changes

UPDATE - June 8, 2016:

Thank you to all residents for your patience as we convert all Town property tax and water/wastewater bills to our new software system. The new bills will provide you with more information than before, and once everything is in place it will provide a more streamlined process; however, as is often the case when changing computer systems, there have been a few unexpected bumps in the road.


- We apologize for the delay in getting bills out to residents and property owners. All utility bills have now been mailed. Property tax bills have been mailed for residential, farm, managed forest and pipeline properties. There are two instalment deadlines: June 28 and September 28, 2016.

- The billing schedule has changed for mixed-class properties (such as a residence or farm with a commercial or industrial assessment class) – instead of receiving two final bills, you will now receive one. Your final bill will be sent out each year in July (at the same time as commercial, industrial and multi-residential tax class bills are sent).


- After printing the utility bills, we discovered an issue on some of them – even though our records correctly show if there is more than one owner of a property, only one name may have been printed on the latest bill. This issue has now been fixed, and you will see the correct names on your next water/wastewater bill.


- When you pay your tax bill at the bank (either in person or via online or telephone systems) you will need to have your old 8-digit account number available. The Town is working with the banks to ensure they are all set up to use the new 19-digit roll numbers. The old number does NOT appear on the new tax bills, so you will need to bring an old bill or call us (905-775-5303) to get your account number. We apologize for the inconvenience and expect to have this cleared up very soon. Due to call volumes, if you call us you will likely need to leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your patience and courtesy and we work through this process.​


Starting with your NEXT water/wastewater bill (coming in May) the bills will have a NEW look; however, your account information will NOT change.

Starting with your N​EXT property tax bill (coming in May) the bills will have a NEW look and your account number WILL change. Instead of a Town-assigned account number, your property’s Roll Number will be used to identify your account. 

If you pay your property tax bill through a bank (at the branch, at an ATM, through your mortgage, or using online or telephone banking), you will need to ensure your payment references your Roll Number.  Your bank’s customer service department can assist you with any required technical support.

Will there be changes to the way I PAY my bill?
That depends on HOW you pay your bill:​

In person at the Town Finance Office​
By mail
Through your bank or mortgage
(in person, at ATM, online or by phone)
Online through the Town's eCommerce website
Wastewater Bill
​NO changeNO change ​NO ch​ange CONTINUE to use eCommerce but WATCH for the new Virtual City Hall coming Summer 2016!​​​ ​
Property Tax BillNO changeNO changeCHANGE from old accou​nt number to Roll Number

Will there be changes to the way I RECEIVE my bill?
Everyone will continue to receive a paper property tax bill. We do not currently provide e-bills for taxes.
There may be changes to receiving your water/wastewater bill depending on HOW you receive your bill:

​​ ​ ​By ​mail​​​ ​ ​Online through eCommerce
​NO changeCONTINUE to use eCommerce but WATCH for the new Virtual City Hall, coming Summer 2016!​

More information COMING SOON, including samples of the new bills, and more on the new Virtual City Hall, coming this summer!​