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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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​​​​​​​Council's Strategic Plan 2015-2018

​Note: The 2018-2022 Strategic Planning session has been held and the new plan will be posted early in 2019.

​A complete and healthy community where there are opportunities for everyone to contribute and to benefit.
Striving for service excellence to create and facilitate opportunities to support the ambitions of residents and businesses in an effective and efficient manner.

The Town’s mission will be achieved through the following objectives:

  1. Promoting sustainable job growth
  2. Encouraging a range of housing that meets the needs of our residents
  3. Improving and expanding recreational and cultural programs and services
  4. Improving the Town’s transportation system
  5. Providing/facilitating infrastructure that meets the Town’s current and future needs
  6. Effectively engaging residents and businesses in the Town’s activities, plans and priorities.


​Objective 1: Promoting sustainable job growth

​Desired Outcomes:
    • Better balance of residential/industrial commercial tax base
    • More local jobs
    • Development in the mature industrial areas
    • Opportunities for people to live and work in Bradford West Gwillimbury
    • Retail dollars spent locally and not leaving the community
    • Lower vacancy rates in the downtown
    • Bradford West Gwillimbury on the map – getting calls as a place to locate a business
Strategic Actions:
1.1 Review and update the downtown revitalization implementation plan
1.2 Update and implement the Town’s economic development strategy with a focus on business attraction
1.3 Identify opportunities to engage Council and staff in economic development initiatives
1.4 Facilitate cooperative efforts among Hwy. 400 landowners to ensure that lands are development ready
1.5 Promote coordinated “buy local” campaigns to Town residents​

​Objective 2: Encouraging a range of housing that meets the needs of our residents

Desired Outcomes:
    • People will be able to live in Bradford West Gwillimbury for their entire lives
    • A diverse housing stock will be available for Town residents
    • There will be a strong first time home buyers market
    • Seniors will have choices in the types of housing in which to live
    • Bradford West Gwillimbury will have a reputation as an innovative community in terms of housing​
Strategic Actions:
2.1 Create opportunities for housing our aging population
2.2 Engage the development community in a discussion of obstacles to developing seniors housing
2.3 Examine our current housing supply to determine deficiencies in meeting the needs of our residents
2.4 Explore models for becoming a municipal housing provider

​Objective 3: Improving and expanding recreational and cultural programs and services

Desired Outcomes:
    • More activities for Town residents of all ages
    • Clear vision in place for the Town’s outdoor sports needs
    • Improved recreational and cultural services
    • Residents have a good understanding, knowledge and pride in their community and its heritage
    • Service groups support the Town’s plans for cultural programs and services
Strategic Actions:
3.1 Investigate an incentive program for designated heritage properties
3.2 Promote and support diverse cultural events and activities throughout the Town
3.3 Develop a rehabilitation program for existing parks
3.4 Develop a plan for the future uses of the Bradford Community Centre​

​Objective 4: Impro​​​​​ving the Town’s transportation system

​Desired Outcomes:
    • People will have choices and options for travelling throughout the Town
    • A comprehensive system of open green spaces will be accessible and actively used by residents as transportation corridors
    • There will be opportunities to practice healthy living by walking, running and biking
    • There will be no traffic complaints
    • People will be able to travel through the Town easily
Strategic Actions:
4.1 Examine opportunities to increase and improve public transit service
4.2 Lobby municipalities and the province to develop the Hwy. 400/404 Bradford link
4.3 Address traffic issues related to congestion, parking, safety, signage and street lights
4.4 Develop an active transportation plan

O​bjective 5: Providing/facilitating infrastructure that meets the Town’s current and future needs

​Desired Outcomes:
    • The Town’s assets are replaced in a proactive, financially responsible manner
    • Efficient use of Town facilities
    • Efficient and effective use of technology
    • Proactively planning for and partnering on redevelopment opportunities
Strategic Actions:
5.1 Develop a plan for the Town’s surplus facilities
5.2 Identify land holdings of strategic interest to the Town for potential acquisition
5.3 Adopt, fund and implement an asset management strategy
5.4 Adopt, fund and implement an information technology master plan

Objective 6: Effectively engaging residents and businesses in the Town’s activities, plans and priorities

​Desired Outcomes: 
    • Council and staff seen as transparent and open
    • Town customers treated in a consistent and user friendly manner
    • Citizens know what Town information is available and use it
    • Citizens feel well informed and have a good understanding of Town activities
    • High voter turnout
    • Strong participation by citizens and businesses in the work of the Town
Strategic Actions:
6.1 Develop a corporate customer service strategy
6.2 Develop a citizen engagement strategy
6.3 Establish advisory committees to increase dialogue and community involvement
6.4 Implement a grants program for local not-for-profit organizations and groups