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Bradford West Gwillimbury

Bradford West Gwillimbury > BWGPressRelease-2023-02-28 Accessible Parking Engagement, Education and Enforcement Blitz


Enforcement Division Launches Month-long
Accessible Parking Engagement, Education and Enforcement Blitz

​Parking for a Minute is a Minute Too Long​

Bradford West Gwillimbury (February 28, 2023) – The Town of BWG's Enforcement Division is launching their annual Accessible Parking Campaign, which focuses on engaging and educating the community, and enforcing laws related to accessible parking spaces.

This year's campaign theme “Parking for a Minute is a Minute too Long" emphasizes the importance of abstaining from using accessible parking spaces even if it is convenient, the closest spot, or you are just running into the corner store or picking up your takeout order. Accessible parking spaces are for permit holders only. Parking for a short period of time may seem insignificant to those who don't need an accessible space, but during that time, you are potentially taking a space from people who rely on it to have closer access to products and services.

“This campaign is meant to remind residents that we all have a legal and moral obligation to leave accessible parking spaces to permit holders – those who rely on them to live their daily lives."
– Robert Belsey, Acting Manager, Enforcement.​

The campaign will run through the month of March. Community members are encouraged to follow the Town of BWG on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter over the month for tips, reminders, and accessible parking rules. “The Enforcement team is committed to ensuring that permit holders have the access they need to accessible spaces. We all have a role to play when it comes to accessible parking. Although we are always ready to respond to complaints, we encourage our residents to also make this a priority so that together, we can create a truly accessible BWG where all residents have equal access", says Robert. That is what makes this campaign so important. It reinforces the fact that our community should work together to keep these spots free and available for permit holders.

Throughout the campaign, Enforcement Officers will be focused on community outreach and education, as well as verifying that valid permits are utilized and properly displayed. Community members will notice an increased presence around parking lots and roadside spots to ensure the proper use of accessible parking spaces and are encouraged to engage our officers if they have any questions.

In 2022, the Town's Enforcement team issued 28 tickets for accessible parking infractions.