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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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​​​​​​​​​Bond Head Heritage Conservation District​ Study

​The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, along with heritage planning consultants Archaeological Research Associates (ARA) and with the support of the Town's Heritage Committee, are conducting a Heritage Conservation District Study. 

The purpose of the study is to determine the best wa​y to preserve the heritage value of Bond Head. Public input is critical to the research phase of this project, which is now underway. 

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About Bond Head

​The hamlet of Bond Head is located west of highway 400 at the intersection of County Roads 27 and 88.

The name was chosen to honour Sir Francis Bond Head (1839-1919) who was a soldier in the British Army, world traveler, prolific author and Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. Two other notable people from Bond Head are Sir William Osler "the father of modern medicine" and Sir William Mulock, a lawyer, businessman, farmer, politician, judge and philanthropist.

Bond Head is considered one of the oldest hamlets in Simcoe County, celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2012. Its recorded history dates back to the 1820s, with early settlers arriving from Ireland and Britain. It provided a robust style of life, providing the services of blacksmiths, harness makers, wagon makers, stores, inns, mills and churches. Also, it boasted of having many organizations and clubs to provide residents with entertainment and activities. Old Plank Road connected Bond Head to Bradford, and in 1851 it became the first surfaced road in the County.

Bond Head currently boasts more than 40 buildings over 100 years old, and several over 150 years old. Many are still in use and in excellent condition.​

main street Bond Head circa 1880

About designating a Heritage Conservation District

​Heritage Conservation Districts recognize the collective heritage value of areas and neighbourhoods that have common threads such as architecture, era, neighbourhood design and development.

Municipalities can identify and preserve areas and neighbourhoods with unique heritage character. This is done by creating a Heritage District Plan under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act, which provides guidelines for managing future development and alteration of existing heritage structures.

While Heritage Conservation Districts are recognized as a conservation strategy in the Town’s Official Plan, to date it has not been used in BWG; however, there has been growing recognition of, and interest in, the cultural heritage value in the Town as a whole and in particular in Bond Head.

The Town’s Heritage Committee has expressed interest in pursuing a Heritage Conservation District designation to help guide alteration of existing buildings and new development. Council allocated funds to complete a Heritage Conservation District Study to determine if it was indeed the best course of action, or if other methods of preservation should be investigated.​

Bond Head looking east circa 1880

About the study area

​Th​e Study Area for the Bond Head Heritage Conservation District Study is referred to as the Bond Head Settlement Area (as defined in Official Plan Amendment No. 16 – Bond Head Settlement Area Secondary Plan) and is illustrated in the map below. The irregular Study Area boundary encompasses the community of Bond Head centred at the intersection of County Road 88 and County Road 27.

There are approximately 240 properties within the Study Area. Of those properties 37 are listed on the Town’s Heritage Registry and 1 property is designated under Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act.

About the project

​The project is divided into two main phases. The entire project is anticipated to take approximately one year.

Phase 1 has been broken into two Stages:

  • Stage 1 is to conduct research to determine whether the hamlet has enough heritage attributes for consideration as a heritage conservation district. This stage will involve gathering input from residents and other stakeholders to identify public ideas and concerns. It will also include general research into the area's history, built and natural heritage resources and more. At the end of this stage, Council will recommend whether to pursue Stage 2.
    UPDATE: On March 19, 2019, the consultants shared their findings and Council made a resolution to proceed to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2 (current stage) will build upon Stage 1 findings. Further evaluation of the cultural heritage resources will take place, including review of historical development, evolution of the built environment, and identification of significant streetscape and landscapes. Throughout this process public input will be encouraged at any time and open house will be scheduled. This information will be used to create a proposed statement of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest and a proposed boundary. At the conclusion of this research, Council will vote whether to purse Phase 2.

Phase 2 would include the passing of the HCD designation by-law over the (to be determined) HCD boundary and result in the preparation the HCD plan and guidelines to implement the HCD.

Bond Head looking south down Highway 27

About getting involved in the study - WE WANT YOUR INPUT!

The first phase of the project included a public open house and a survey. Thank you to everyone who participated.

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The second phase will also include opportunities for you to give input.

​Public Open House and Interactive Walking Tour:
Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Location: Bond Head Hall (2892 County Rd 27)*
Choose one of the following sessions:
- Session 1: Tour 12-1 p.m., Meeting 1:10-2:10 p.m.
- Session 2: Tour 6-7 p.m., Meeting 7:10-8:10 p.m.
- Optional consultation: ARA’s researcher will be available from 2:10-4 p.m. should anyone like to speak with her one-on-one. 

If you have any historic documents, photos, maps, etc. to assist in our research, please bring copies to leave with us.

* In order to host the Information Centre within Bond Head, it will be held at Bond Head Hall. Unfortunately this facility is not wheelchair accessible. Any interested parties who may be prevented from attending due to the lack of accessibility are encouraged to provide feedback by phone to 905-775-5366 x.1402 or email to bslopack@townofbwg.com and we will ensure you are kept informed on future decisions and project activities. We apologize for any inconvenience.