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​​Bradford & District Memorial Community Centre Revisioning

The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is seeking the input of the community to determine how to maximize the potential of the property located at 125 Simcoe Road.

A visioning session with stakeholders – including sports groups, local service groups, and others who have or might use community space – took place on October 30.

Participants in the visioning session looked at three unique options:

    This option retains the community centre lands for recreational purposes, serving the local established ​neighbourhood as well as specialty functions. This option would focus on refurbishing or redeveloping the community centre and curling rink buildings to generally maintain the recreational assets on site, while providing greater services to the existing and future town functions and activities. 

    This option establishes a multi-storey civic/public building on the community centre property in the developable area (note that some land can not be developed due to environmental restrictions such as floodplain). This option seeks to consolidate all civic administrative purposes and staff at this location to create a Town Hall. The building and facilities would also provide multi-use flex space for public, social and art-related purposes to benefit the community. The recreation centre would be integrated into this new administrative building. Options to integrate the curling rink or relocate it to an alternative location would be explored.

    This option establishes a multi-storey mixed use building on the property in the developable area. The building or buildings could provide ground-floor commercial uses with residential units above, including affordable housing units. This option would require the recreation centre to be relocated and redeveloped in a new location within the town. Additionally, the curling rink would be relocated to an alternative location. Undevelopable portions of the property will be utilized for recreational purposes.

The next step is to get feedback from the general public. A survey was conducted up to December 10, and a public Open House will be held in the new year. ​Stay tuned for details!