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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Transit Route Changes

Following one year of transit service, Town staff conducted an analysis of BWG Transit routes, and reviewed input from Council and the public regarding preferred route changes. The changes listed below have been approved by Council and will be implemented in fall 2015. 

Please scroll down for planned route maps. (Current-state route maps are available by clicking the link at right.)

The planned route changes are intended to achieve the following:

Route enhancement: ​Serviced by:
Reduce wait times, improve ease-of-use of Route 2:
  • implement clockwise-only route, making schedule easier to understand
​Route 2
  • ​visits to each stop​ approximately every 60 minutes instead of every 2 hours
  • most of route has stops on one side of street only
Improve access to the Leisure Centre and Library:
  • Leisure Centre/Library stop added to Route 2
Routes 1 & 2
  • Route 1 service every 30 minutes
  • Route 2 service every 30 minutes (once before the eastern loop and once before the western loop)
Make transferring between routes easier:
  • Leisure Centre/Library stop added to Route 2, allowing easier/more frequent transfers 
Routes 1 & 2
  • opportunities for transfer now available
    in mid-town at Leisure Centre/Library, 
    in ​east end (Holland St E at Barrie St) and
    in west end (Holland St W between SmartCentres entry and Summerlyn Trail)

Add service to Holland Court:
  • Family Health Centre
  • 200 Holland Court apartments
Route 1 (travelling eastbound only)
  • service every 30 minutes
​Add service to other high-traffic locations:​
  • Zehrs
  • Sobey's
  • Canadian Tire
Route 2
  • service every 60 minutes
Service the Bradford GO Station
in time to connect with a morning train departure 
please see Taxi-to-GO
for information on how to
connect to earlier trains

Route 1
  • Route 1 begins at the SmartCentres at 6:45 am
  • services the 7:16 am and 7:46 am GO Trains
  • services the 7:25 am and 7:50 am GO Buses
Service the southern portion of Melbourne Drive:
  • southern length of Melbourne Drive going towards Leisure Centre/Library hub and back
  • Holy Trinity High School
Route 2
  • service every 60 minutes (in addition to service on northern portion every 30 minutes by Route 1)
Increase service to 100 Miller Park Avenue:
  • service to SmartCentres (Walmart plaza) via Route 1
  • service to Zehr's via Route 2
Routes 1 & 2
  • Route 1 service every 30 minutes
  • Route 2 service every 60 minutes