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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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Henderson Community Park - Vision Workshop

November 18, 2013

​Residents of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury joined Town of BWG staff, the Mayor and Council members to share ideas about the possible uses of the future Henderson Community Park.​

This property was donated to the municipality ​by Mrs. Phyllis Henderson in 2009 for active and passive recreational purposes suitable for the entire family. It is comprised of 97 acres and is located on the southwest corner of Sideroad 10 and Line 9.

With support from Dillon Consulting, participants were invited to start by taking a look at the existing features of the property, which includes an operations yard, silo, creek system, hedgerow and a small woodlot, as well as some existing access points and parking areas. The next step asked them to apply their creativity (along with a lot of sticky notes and markers), to imagine the possible uses and how they would best meet the needs of BWG residents both now and over time.

The results will be reviewed, their similarities and differences identified, and the suggestions finessed into two potential concepts to be reviewed in the next stage, which is a Community Design Workshop to be held in February 2014.

Click the links at right to check out the presentation made by Dillon Consulting, and to see photos of the property and workshop.​​