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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Town of BWG Call for Artists​ - Procedures

Deadline for submission: March 9, 2018

In order to encourage and showcase the work of local artists, the Town of BWG is seeking to display works of art in Town owned buildings. 

Artists selected through this process may display a maximum of 10 pieces of artwork (as space permits). The duration of the display may vary based on the display location. Artists retain ownership of all displayed works, and if any of the displayed works are purchased​, all sales belong to the artist.  

Art selected for display will be available for viewing during normal business hours​ at various locations.


Artists should liaise with the Town through:

Jennifer Kinsella
Arts & Culture Advisory Committee Coordinator
phone:  905-775-5366 ext. 1117 or click to email​

Artist Responsibilities

During Application Process

  1. Review the Public Art Policy, then complete the application form (appended to the Policy), sign the waiver and submit to the Town.
  2. Submit a maximum of 10 pictures of proposed artwork. The works submitted must be of one of the types of visual art defined below.** 
Following Selection
  1. Make artwork available immediately and for the entire duration of the defined display period. Artwork may only​ be removed if sold.
  2. Print the artist’s name, address, phone number, title of artwork and price on back of each artwork. 
  3. Provide tags with name of artwork, artist's name and contact information (email and/or phone number) to display with the artwork. (Upon request, sample tags can be provided.)
  4. Bring artwork to the selected location and assist with installation. Assistance will be provided by the Town liaison. Artist must be on site throughout installation. 
  5. Submit a 3-4 sentence description of the collection of works a minimum of four weeks prior to display.
  6. At the end of the display period, pick up all artwork on the last business day of the display month.
  7. Contact the Town (see contact information above) ​if the artwork has been sold and coordinate to have the artwork removed from its location. Under no circumstances is the artwork to be removed by the artist without prior consultation and coordination with the Town. The artist will have first choice in placing another suitable piece of their artwork on display at the same location, or releasing the location to be reassigned.
    PLEASE NOTE: The artist is responsible for the insurance of his or her work while on display, including during shipping to and from the display area.

Town of BWG Responsibilities

  1. Advertise a public call for artists by means which may include:
    - official Town website ( including providing the Public Art Policy and application;
    - official Town social media accounts;
    - BWG This Week page of the Bradford Topic newspape
  2. Receive applications and forward them to the Call for Artists – Art Display jury (subcommittee) coordinated through the Arts & Culture Advisory Committee.
  3. Coordinate with the jury (subcommittee) to receive and assist with the installation of artworks in various Town facilities. The jury will provide notice to the artist of the selection and location. 
  4. Coordinate with artists for removal of artwork on the last day of display or upon sale of artwork. 

Display Artwork Standards

  • All artwork must adhere to a definition of visual art below.**
  • All artwork must have artistic merit of enduring quality. Artwork maybe rejected should the content and/or theme be assessed offensive or demeaning.
  • All works must be framed to professional gallery standards and be securely wired for hanging and should not require any unreasonable maintenance. Easels may not be used to display artwork due to safety concerns. 
**Acceptable pieces of visual art adhere to the following definitions:

Oils -Two dimensional works utilizing traditional oil media only.

Acrylics - Two dimensional works utilizing traditional acrylic media only.

Watercolours - Two dimensional works utilizing traditional watercolour media only.

Pastels - Two dimen​​sional works utilizing traditional pastels only.

Photo​graphy - Two dimensional works created using a camera - either black and white or colour. May incorporate aesthetics, design and illustrative technique manipulated in the darkroom or by computer (e.g. via Photoshop) by the artist. 

PLEASE NOTE: Procedures subject to change without prior notice.​