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​​​How to Read Your Water/Wastewater Bill

Scroll down for descriptions of each of the numbered sections.*

* Sample bill based on 2014 Water/Wastewater utility rates

1. Message box - check this area each time for information regarding your billing.

2. Personal Information Number (PIN) - you can use your PIN to register the account for eCommerce paperless billing by visiting the ePay website: 

3. Account number - you’ll need to use it if paying through your bank using “Bradford Water/Wastewater Utility”.

4. Meter number - this should match the number on the meter inside your home or building.

5. Service address - indicates the property to which water is being supplied.

6. Previous balance and payments/credits - this section displays the amount of your previous bill as well as all payments and adjustments processed on the account since the previous billing period.

7. Charges - your water and wastewater bill is comprised of two main charges:​ a monthly fixed fee that you pay regardless of whether you use the utility, and a usage charge calculated using Consumption x Rate as follows:

​​ ​​​Residential Bill (bi-monthly​)​ ​General Service (monthly)​
​0-30m3​@ 1st tiered rate0-100m3@ 1st tiered rate
31-60m3@ 2nd tiered rate​> 100m3@ 2nd tiered rate
> 60m3@ 3rd tiered rate

For more information on water/wastewater rates please visit our FAQ​.

8. Date range - the dates in this section refer to the bi-monthly (residential) or monthly (general service) period that your bill is being calculated.

9. Type - explains whether an actual read (at the physical meter) or estimated read was used for the current billing period.

10. Consumption - water readings record the amount of water (measured in cubic meters) that passed through your water meter during the service period indicated on the bill. Water consumption is calculated by taking the difference between the current reading and the previous reading.

11. Total current charges - this is the sum of the total current charges due by the due date indicated. The "amount due if payment is received after the due date" total includes a late penalty charge at a rate of 2.5% for residential (bi-monthly) or 1.25% for general service (monthly) ​of the current amount due.

12. Remittance s​tub - if paying by mail, please include the remittance stub (the bottom portion of the bill) with your payment to ensure that the payment gets posted to the right utility account.