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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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​​​​​​​Questionable Sales Tactics - 

Water Softener/Purifier Salespeople

Numerous residents of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury have reported door-to-door salespeople attempting to gain access to their homes to conduct water sampling tests in order to sell in-home water purification equipment. Additionally, advertisements frequently appear offering "free home water testing", which are in fact tactics to sell water purifiers or water softeners.​​

False Representation

Such salespeople are NOT Town employees and the ​Town does not endorse their activity. If any pe​​rson appears at your home and claims to be an employee of the Town, you should ask to see their Town-issued ID showing their photo, name and department they work for. You are welcome to contact the Town to confirm this information.

Only Town-employed Certified Licensed Water Operators are permitted to represent the Town’s Water Department – these employees carry proper Town identification, and they DO NOT sell in-home water purification equipment.

Town Water Quality

Water purifier salespeople may claim that there are issues with the quality of water in BWG. This information is false. The Town’s drinking water continually meets and exceeds the stringent water quality standards set out by the Province of Ontario.

To report a door-to-door salesperson who lacks a BWG business licence or who is making false claims regarding the Town, please call the 
Enfor​cement Hotline: 905-775-5366 x1701 
Residents have reported receiving "package delivery notices" like the one shown below (click image). These are distributed by companies seeking to provide a sales pitch - you may be offered free cleaning products in exchange for providing a water sample, after which you'll be encouraged to buy a water purifier.

Hawkers and Peddlers By-law​

Door-to-door salespeople in BWG are required to obtain a Hawkers & Peddlers licence before approaching homes. Licensed companies will be issued photo ID. A licence does not imply endorsement of a business, and consumers should always do their own research before making any purchase.

To report a door-to-door salesperson who lacks a BWG business licence or who is making false claims regarding the Town, please call the Enforcement Hotline at 905-775-5366 ext. 1701*. Please provide as much information as possible, including where the salespeople are working, description of individual and any company or contact information you may obtain. If you are able to call while they are still on your street, Enforcement may be able to reach them before they leave the neighbourhood.

* ​The Enforcement Hotline will record your voicemail message and immediately relay it to all Enforcement Officers on duty. Please provide as much information as you have on the incident, as well as your name and phone number if you wish to be contacted.​

Consumer Protection
Consumer Protection Ontario​ provides additional information on door-to-door water testing and purification system sales, as well as your general rights as a consumer​. For example, consumers in Ontario have the legal right to cancel a ​door-to-door sales or home service contract signed at the door within 10 days of signing.