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Road Occupancy Permits

If you are planning to use a roadway for anything other than its intended purpose, you need to inform the municipality and may require a Road Occupancy Permit (ROP). Such uses include excavations and placement of material, fixtures or objects on public right-ofways (e.g. roads or boulevards).

The application to obtain an ROP is available under Documents at right.

DO YOU NEED a Road Occupancy Permit?

​Example ​ROP Needed
​Renovation/garbage bin​YES
Placing landscaping or building materials on roadway or boulevard​YES
​Accessing property from the roadway to put in a pool​YES
​Damaging, altering or occupying the roadway or a boulevard with machinery or equipment​YES
​Parking a vehicle (while complying with all signs and regulations)​NO

If you are unsure of whether you need an ROP, please contact us.