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​Sewer Flushing

What is sewer flushing?

The Town of BWG must clean its sewer system regularly to ensure it functions properly, in order to protect public health and the environment.

During the cleaning process, air pressure is created inside the sewer pipe. Most of the time, the pressurized air escapes with no impact. In some instances the air can only escape through the service connection between your house and the Town’s sewer system, and will expel through the internal plumbing vents without incident.

What is a sewer blow-back?

If there is a defect in your home’s plumbing (like a blocked sewer pipe or vent) air pressure may escape through a toilet, floor drain or the nearest exit it can find. This can result in the release of unpleasant odours and, in rare occasions, sewage/contaminated water into a home or business. When sewage/contaminated water is released, this is known as a “blow-back”.

What to do if you experience a blow-back

  1. Immediately contact the Town’s Wastewater Division​​ at 905-775-3252.
  2. Check your plumbing (ideally by a certified plumber) to ensure that your service connection and vent pipes are clear of debris and are functioning properly.

How can I prevent future incidents?

It is not possible to predict where sewer blow-backs may occur; however, you can minimize ​the likelihood of a repeat occurrence.

If you have experienced a blow-back, have your plumbing inspected and repaired as required. You should also inform the Town of the occurrence so they can place your property on the “Advanced Notification List’ – this means you will receive a hand delivered notice 24-48 hours in advance of future sewer clean-out work. During subsequent sewer cleanings near your property, the pressure at which cleaning is carried out will be lowered in order to help reduce the possibility of sewer blow-backs; however, blow-backs are still possible if faulty plumbing has not been repaired​.